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Size difference between the lowest amazon (1.8 meters) and the highest (3 meters). It is used Wikyodai-chan and the Urban 1042 double cabin.

An amazon (also called amazoness[1], although this word is used rather to avoid confusion the common denomination of amazon), often also called as tall woman, is a woman larger than normal as far as nature can allow, that is, the laws of physics and biology allow their existence. The GTS community usually (not always) consider them between 1.8 meters up to 3 meters.

The word amazon comes from Greek mythology, which speaks of women from a purely matriarchal people who kept enmity with the Greeks. At the beginning of the Modern Age, the term happened to allude to the women warriors in general.

Outside the GTS community

Amazon, for them, is a woman warrior, often stronger than normal and sometimes with remarkable musculature. It is not necessarily higher than normal.

Inside the GTS community

Amazon, for them, is what was defined at the beginning of this article, that is, a tall woman:

Does Giantess Wiki tolerate and accept tall women?

Short answer: In most cases, Giantess Wiki not accept or tolerate them

Trijntje Keever: the tallest woman in history. At 17 she measured more than all the men in Europe.

Giantess Wiki focuses more on giant women, that is, those who have a size that exceeds reality (ie, fictional). The tallest women in the history of humanity reached the 2.55 meters high, this means that Giantess Wiki will choose women larger than 2.55 meters.

However, there may be exceptions, either because of the relevance of the character (real or fictional) or because the context of her story warrants it.

If you want to discuss the case of some tall woman (amazoness) that deserves to be studied in Giantess Wiki, do it in the forum: [???]

Intervals of tolerable heights to be considered tall woman

The minimum and maximum heights according to age are:

Age (in years)

Average height (in cm)*

Minimum height (in cm)**

Maximum height (in cm)***

1 74.1 80 117
2 85.5 91.5 134
3 94 103 150
4 100.3 110 160
5 107.9 118.5 173
6 115.5 123.5 180
7 121.1 130 190
8 128.2 137 200
9 133.3 142 207
10 138.4 148.5 216
11 144 156.5 228
12 149.8 164 240
13 156.7 167 243
14 158.7 171 250
15 159.7 172 252
16 a 18 162 173 254
18 or more 163 175 255


**According to the average of a girl/adolescent/woman considered high.

***Following the average height of Trijntje Keever: the tallest woman in history.

  • In case the height of the woman is less than the minimum but it is very approximate, it could be considered for an article, although she must appear a tall person in comparison with the people who live.
  • The table would look like this:
When a woman is taller than allowed in the table, then that woman is considered a giantess.

Some tall women (amazonesses) who were accepted on this wiki

Image Related article Description Size (in meters)
Kirari SS.png

Moroboshi Kirari

Despite not being big enough to be considered a giantess, she is used to several "jokes" where she is seen as a giantess. These "jokes" transcended to the point of making this character a giantess in a video game. 1.82 - 1.85
Nico Robin Anime Post Timeskip Infobox.png

Nico Robin

Her height does not make her worthy of the title of giantess either. However, in her origin series (One Piece), she has the ability to create big-sized copies of her body parts (semi-giantess). 1.88
Trijntje Keever.jpg

Trijntje Keever

She was the tallest woman in history. Her height defines the limit that separates a tall woman (amazoness) from a giantess. That is to say, she would come to be considered at the same time as a tall woman (amazoness) and as a giantess. 2.55
Ultimate Girls 00-04.jpg

Ohtori Vivienne

She is considered a tall woman for her age (15), and because of her height she would not have been accepted in this wiki (in a "natural" way, she is not a giantess). However, she acquired the ability to become a giantess thanks to UFO-Man (artificial giantess).
Futurama - SE3-EP05.png

Futurama - SE3-EP05

  • The Amazonians are almost the size of a mini-giantess, and the theme of "size difference" is explored appropriately in this episode.
  • The protagonists arrive at a planet full of amazons and fully matriarchal. Men are punished with "death by snu snu". This episode is important for the GTS community, since from here is born the meme "death by snu snu".
2.55 - 3.5
(Missing image) (Ran, The Samurai Girl) A white nordid. Cultural and racial differences. 2.55???


Amazons should not necessarily be muscular. The definition only requires that they have between 1.8 meters and 3 meters (approximately), so they can have any body shape (that is, they can be: very fat, very skinny, etc.).


  • Amazons are usually very tall women and the causes of their high stature are due to the practice of sports (basketball, volleyball, among other sports), or those suffering from gigantism (illness).
  • "Death by Snu Snu!" is a meme related to the amazons.


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