A Kind of Magic

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Original name
  • Magic (original from France)
  • A Kind Of Magic (English)
Author(s) Xilam (animation studios)
Country Type of work
Fr z.png
Emilie icon.png
Release date 2008
Genre Magic, Fanstasy
Is this only about giantesses? No.
Is it in English language? Yes and dubbed

A Kind of Magic is a French cartoon series created by Xilam (animation studios).


The story deals with a 10-year-old child named Tom, and his family's problems, including his older sister Cindy (14 years old), who is crazy after every boy she sees, his toad 'His Highness', his evil maternal aunt Ferocia who wants to turn him evil as well, his ditzy fairy mother Willow and his vegetarian ogre father Gregore who have been exiled from Fairyland and now have to live on Earth.

Key episodes from cartoon series

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The list that will be presented below could be incomplete, if you know of an episode of A Kind of Magic that has a GTS theme and is not on this list, let us know in the comments!!!

Or at least confirm if this list is complete.

Image Number and name Description Featured relative giantess
A Kind Of Magic - SE1-EP20 (Giantess).jpg
The protagonists take a temporary job as babysitters. Accidentally, the magic wand comes into the hands of the girl they must care for, making their toys grow (including a doll) and also herself. There is also a para-GTS scene of the older sister interacting with her younger brother (these are the protagonists).
A Kind Of Magic - SE1-EP25 (Giantess).jpg
One of the protagonists (the younger brother) uses magic to make the universe work as if "his older sister had never existed". However, the results are not pleasant. So he tries to return to his sister in several extravagant ways, among them, drawing a picture of his "disappeared" older sister who eventually grows into a mini-giantess. Drawn Cindy (mini-giantess).


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