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An anime adaptation of Alice in Wonderland.
Original name ふしぎの国のアリス
Author(s) Nippon Animation
Country Type of work
Jp z.png Silk icon.png
Release date March 26, 1983
Genre Adventure, fantasy
Is this only about giantesses? No, only a few episodes
Is it in English language? Yes, dubbed

Alice in Wonderland (ふしぎの国のアリス Fushigi no Kuni no Arisu) is an anime adaptation of the novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland which ran on the Japanese network TV Osaka from March 26, 1983 to October 10, 1984. The series was a Japanese-German co-production between Nippon Animation and Apollo Films. The series consists of 52 episodes, however, only 26 made it to the US.

In the English language, this series is generally overshadowed by the success of Disney's 1951 feature film version of the story; however, the anime series was quite popular in various European countries, in Israel, in Latin America, in Iran, and in the Arabic-speaking world. The series was also dubbed into Hindi by the national film development board of India and telecast on Doordarshan in the early 1990s.

General info (overview)

A young girl named Alice follows a White Rabbit into a hole, only to find herself in Wonderland, where she meets many interesting characters, including the mysterious Cheshire Cat and the terrible Queen of Hearts.

The beginning of the series adheres more closely to the original novel, whereas later episodes adapt the sequel to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Through the Looking-Glass, starting with episode 26.

One departure from the books is that Alice returns to the real world at the end of each episode, and goes back to Wonderland at the beginning of the next episode. These transitions between the two worlds are depicted as dream-like, and it usually takes Alice a moment to notice her surroundings have changed.

Featured relative giantess: Alice

Alice 1983.jpg

In this series, Alice is a girl with orange hair (unlike the blonde who has Disney) and wears a white-red dress (unlike the white-cyan who has Disney). Every time she travels to Wonderland, there are times when she must suffer an alteration in size. Mostly, she takes the role of absolute giantess (between mini to classic), on rare occasions she is para-giantess, and also on a few other occasions she is a shrunken woman (who gets to interact briefly with other women of normal size).

It is worth noting that Alice is the only one who manages to be perfect giantess (and therefore: absolute), even she is the only one to be briefly semi-giantess or imperfect giantess.

Key episodes

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The list that will be presented below is complete! All the episodes of Alice in Wonderland (1983) (that has a GTS theme) have been meticulously reviewed by "someone" (a regular user or an administrator) and (s)he has confirmed that all the scenes of our interest (GTS) have been collected!!!
Image Number and name Description Featured relative giantess
Alice in Wonderland (anime 1983 - giantess) - EP03.jpg
Alice arrives for the first time in a room with many doors, but in the middle of the passage there was a cake. The rabbit that accompanied Alicia did not want to eat the cake, but Alice does eat it. Alice grow up to about the size of a mini-giantess. This baffles Alice, which makes her cry many tears until flooding the room. Then, another rabbit arrives that gives her a fan that makes her shrink to be smaller than her normal size, so she will now swim in her own tears. Alice (perfect mini-giantess).
Alice in Wonderland (anime 1983 - giantess) - EP05.jpg
Alice visits the elegant rabbit house, and while she waits, she drinks a cup of tea. However, that tea causes Alice to grow and get stuck inside the rabbit house. Eventually, the homeowner believes that Alice is a monster and asks for help to get her out, even the Queen of hearts comes to help. Alice, as a last resort, destroys the roof of the home, causing her large size to intimidate those who see her. Alice (perfect mini-giantess).
Alice in Wonderland (anime 1983 - giantess) - EP09.jpg
Alice meets a group of pirate crows that are dedicated to stealing. These pirates imprison Alice in their boat. However, Alice plays with a monocular that makes her grow. Using her new gigantic size, Alice intimidates and forces the crows to return the stolen goods. Alice (Initially and briefly: semi-giantess due her long legs; after: perfect classic giantess).
Alice in Wonderland (anime 1983 - giantess) - EP10.jpg
Alice is afraid of insects, so when she goes to Wonderland, she is shrunken and forced to interact with insects. She, out of fear, flees and arrives at the house of some old women. These old ladies attack Alice because they think she is an insect. Alice learns the lesson of how insects feel when humans attack them. Briefly, when the smoking worm attempts to restore her original size, Alice becomes a semi-giantess.
Alice in Wonderland (anime 1983 - giantess) - EP11.jpg
Alice must look for the eggs of a bird, but she is stretched, making the bird believe that she is a snake. Alice (elongated imperfect giantess).
Alice in Wonderland (anime 1983 - giantess) - EP25.jpg
Alice will have to help a child to recover their crops, because they went to Greenland. During the boat trip, there is a flood and Alice eats a hogo to become large, which allows her to follow the vijae walking. Then, Alice returns to make use of her great strength pushing a large block of ice. Alice (perfect classic giantess).
Alice in Wonderland (anime 1983 - giantess) - EP28.jpg
Alice must save a duck that has been captured to be eaten. When arriving at the castle, there are very brief interactions of Alice shrunk with the Queen of Hearts and some old women.
Alice in Wonderland (anime 1983 - giantess) - EP31.jpg
Alice brings a pair of annoying twins to Wonderland to teach them a lesson. For a brief moment, Alice increases in size to control them. Alice (perfect classic giantess).
Alice in Wonderland (anime 1983 - giantess) - EP44.jpg
The pixie that repairs the objects stopped doing its work and Alice must convince him to return.
Alice in Wonderland (anime 1983 - giantess) - EP47.jpg
A giant octopus kidnapped the fairy who gives the colors to the world. Alice should save her. Alice (para-giantess).


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