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Alloy Rabbit
The alloy rabbit by alloyrabbit.jpg
His pseudonym is graphically expressed. He is one the best known artists inside the GTS community.
Pseudonym(s) AlloyRabbit
First name(s) -
Last name(s) -
Birthplace Current residence
Us z.png Us z.png
Sex Does (s)he like giantesses?
SEX M.png Heart popup.png
Yes, for sexual purposes.
Birthdate January 15
Other fetishisms Furry, lolis, Pokephilia (mainly Lopunny)
Is (s)he a professional artist? Yes
Role Illustrator
Known for His numerous drawings.
pixiv -
YouTube -
Facebook -
Official website -

American professional illustrator. He likes furry and lolis. He has an obsession with rabbits, and that can be noticed in his drawings, his original characters (2 are rabbits) and his name (AlloyRabbit).

This is one of the best known users due to the large number of drawings uploaded (more than 2000 drawings). However, the vast majority of his drawings are sketches, rarely one is of quality (clean and color).

The theme of his drawings is mainly the giantess fetishism, which mixes with furry, some of pokephilia (with his lopunny: Truffle as main) or lolis (especially with Rem).

He has recently started experimenting with vore.

He is close friend of MasterOfRa, Hank88 and ArthurT.

Artistic style

His drawings are mostly monochrome (white, black and shades of gray), in some rare cases there are other colors. These monochrome drawings are sketches, which, despite being digitally made, seek to imitate the monochrome style of charcoal (thick lines of pencil and gray blur).

Instead, when you make color drawings (complete and clean), their outlines are not perfect (sometimes there are "smear" marks, other times the lines are not straight, for example, buildings draw them with "shaky" lines). As for the coloring, its quality is very good for the characters, but not so much for the stage (buildings usually).


  • He does not talk much and rarely responds to messages.
  • It is sensitive to all kinds of criticism.
  • He prefers to engage in conversations with his close friends.

Loli OC: Rem

She is a young girl with black hair, white skin and blue eyes (and as it is represented in manga style, then it can be considered a loli). In this gallery it is better shown who the character in question is:

Furry OC: Gen

An adult red-haired black rabbit.

Pokémon OC: Truffle

A giantess adult Pokémon, a Lopunny in a black dress, in the words of AlloyRabbit himself, was created as an anthropomorphic Pokémon in response to macro drawings by other artists like StampyDragon, JayneFolest, and DarkRaven123.

Other drawings

Questions and answers section on Tumblr

In addition to being known for his drawings, AlloyRabbit has done a question and answer section for Tumbrl, similar to other sites like, known as a site for asking questions.

The idea came from part of a vote to create a "blog" or website where he could make sketches to answer questions about their OC, this led to AlloyRabbit to create a website after the support of their own fans.

The original link of the voting can be seen here:

After the vote, the journal advising his followers of the creation of the site for questions, was created in 2012, the site chosen in this regard was Tumbrl:

The drawings take a while to be published, this is the site link:

The intent of this "website" of questions is to answer questions made by AlloyRabbit fans for each of their characters, questions answered with humorously drawn drawings or tenderly with respect to each character.

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23 months ago
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I like his drawings even though draws Giant lolis.