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Most common name of the series in its original language
71+qxl2KrTL. SL1315 .jpg
Cover or logo of the series.
Original name Its name in its original language and its respective translation into Spanish.
Author(s) Who or who made it?
Country Type of work
Jp z.png Us z.png Morumo icon.png Giganta icon.png
Release date At least: the year of release.
Genre Could be: fantasy, science fiction, action, adventure, romance, etc.
Is this only about giantesses? Yes or no? It will depend on how much participation the GTS theme has.
Is it in English language? Yes or no? Official or unofficial?

There are many series that are made to be shown on television or Internet, and a minority deals with the GTS theme (secondarily), and a large minority has it as an exclusive theme.

To all those series that have dealt with the GTS theme broadly (and not a few pages or vignettes, but that such a theme is treated in much of the series or even a whole "saga"), we must dedicate an article, but you also have to follow some criteria so that you deserve an article and how to name it.

There is freedom to make an article, but preferable that each article dealing with a series must follow the following structure (you can omit each part if there is no information about it):

  1. The template "work" on the article's top (obligatory)
  2. Brief information of the series (obligatory)
  3. Summary or synopsis of the work (obligatory)
  4. Additional information (optional)
  5. Characters (optional)
  6. Chapters (optional)
  7. Gallery (optional)
  8. Trivia (optional)
  9. Source (optional)

The template "episode" on the article's top (obligatory)

Let's look at the case of each parameter:

  • Name: The name of the series is recommended in its original language.
  • Image: name_of_file.jpg (*.png or *.gif). Covers or logos are recommended.
  • Insert image description here: It can be a brief description of the image above or the same series.
  • Original name: The names it has had (both in the original language and in his translation into Armerican English, United Kingdom or Australia).
  • Author(s): What is described in this infobox.
  • Country: Use country templates, you can find them here.
  • Type of work: Use "type of work or serie" templates, you can find them here.
  • Release date: What is described in this infobox.
  • Genre: What is described in this infobox.
  • Is this only about giantesses?: What is described in this infobox.
  • Is it in English language?: What is described in this infobox.

Brief information of the series (obligatory)

A summary of what the series is about. If you have difficulties, you can consult Wikipedia.

Summary or synopsis of the work (indicate whether there are spoilers or not)

Explain and tell what the series is about. Extend yourself as much as you can and be explicit.

If there are going to be spoilers, at least notice it.

Additional information

  • And why is this episode interesting about the issue of sizes?
  • How many episodes does it have?

Characters (optional)

Preferably the main ones if they are few (as in Ultimate Girls), and if there are many, better to mention only the giantesses (as in Shaman King).

One Piece has several (giantess) characters.

Episodes (optional)

Preferably you talk about the episodes where the GTS theme was involved, describing each one, for example:


  • Only the images where there has been the GTS theme are accepted, as well as some captures of important moments of the graphic novel.
  • If there are many, then create separate galleries, classifying them according to their content (they can be a group of episodes or by characters).

Trivia (optional)

Everything that attracts attention, what is interesting and worth highlighting, or what is implicit in its data.

Source (optional)

If some information you have taken from other side, you have to give your sources.

In general, specialized wikis in a particular series have interesting information about each episode. In this case, the episode that we are mentioning comes from the series Danny Phantom, and in its respective wiki there is information on this episode in this respect:'_Night_Out

Models of articles on series

Not all articles about a series follow exactly this pattern, but at least to make articles that have enough information, such as the following:

NOTE: If you need help editing an article or how to decorate it, get the codes from the test article.

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