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An "elongated" mini-giantess from One Piece.
Author(s) Eiichiro Oda
Work of origin One Piece
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Age -
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She is a minor character who first appeared in the Amazon Lily arc as a Kuja. Later on in the post time skip, she became a member of the Kuja Pirates.


Episode 408

Short summary: Marguerite, Sweet Pea, and Aphelandra find Luffy covered in poisonous mushrooms while mistaking him for a girl. Other females on the island were plucking out the mushrooms, and Belladonna sets him on fire. They take him to a hot spring where they notice a mushroom “in between her legs.” Aphelandra was about to pull it, until Kikyo thought of burning it. Granny Nyon intervened, saw the “mushroom”, and told the women they found a man.

Manga counterpart (Chapter 514)

Episode 409

Short summary: The women observe Luffy while he’s trapped in a cell. They are surprised that he’s able to stretch his arms a long distance, thinking all men can do that. They believe the “bag in between [his] legs” are actual jewels and ask if they could see them, to which he declined. Marguerite gives Luffy his clothes back, to which he gets mad at the flowery design she adjusted, causing the women to aim their bows (with exception of Aphelandra). Despite Luffy’s gratitude toward the girls and Aphelandra questioning their actions, Kikyo mentions the Snake Empress arriving to Amazon Lily, and that she, along with Marguerite and Sweet Pea will be charged for bringing him to the island. After they fired, Luffy broke through the roof and started running on the buildings. Aphelandra gets him down by blocking him with her whole body. They start to chase after him and tried surrounding him while fighting, but failed as he took Marguerite with him. The Kuja hear the bell of the Snake Princess coming as they decide to head for the jungle.

Manga counterpart (Chapter 515)

Episode 410

Short summary: She, along with other Kuja, found where Luffy was hiding Marguerite and try to chase him down until he was jumping from trees.

Manga counterpart (Chapter 516)

Episode 411

Short summary: While Boa Hancock wondered where the city guards were, Kikyo tries to attackLuffy with her arrow, but a fish takes him away. They later heard him being chased by snakes and running up the wall, causing the Kuja to hurry to the village.

Manga counterpart (Chapter 517)

Episode 412

Short summary: Aphelandra finds Luffy on the roof of the tallest building while the Kuja try to hunt him down. They later notice the Kuja Pirates surrounding him, thinking it’s too late. While watching Luffy’s execution, Marguriete intervenes and tells Boa Hancock that the man doesn’t feel like someone that would lie. After she revealed she brought the man in the village, Sweet Pea and Aphelandra share the blame with her, despite Marguerite making the decision to do it. Hancock petrified all three of them after tricking them for giving them forgiveness.

Manga counterpart (Chapter 518)

Episode 413

Short summary: Luffy calls a timeout so he can put the petrified girls away from the fight between Boa Sandersonia & Marigold.

Manga counterpart (Chapter 519)

Episode 414

Short summary: Nothing notable as she remained petrified.

Manga counterpart (Chapter 520)

Episode 415

Short summary: The other Kuja were surprised the three petrified girls were back to normal. They only recollect of what happened after the unpetrification as they bowed before her and were resign back to their regular duties.

Manga counterpart (Chapter 521)

Episode 416

Short summary: Aphelandra is at the banquet and tells her friends he heard Luffy is leaving the island in the morning. The Kuja notice how funny Luffy is. She and Sweet Pea also wonder about Marguriete after Luffy ran away to avoid being touched.

Manga counterpart (Chapter 522)

Episode 417

Short summary: Aphelandra carries Sweet Pea and Marguriete on her shoulders as they say their final farewell to Luffy. Luffy also mentions his pirate crew, but feels bad that most of them are guys, to which they feel Hancock would make an exception to them. They notice the empress arriving as Marguriete mentions to Luffy to call her by snake princess. They say their final goodbyes as the ship leaves Amazon Lily.

Manga counterpart (Chapter 523)

Episode 469

Short summary: Boa Hancock fantasizes the Kuja cheering for her as she’s about to get married to Luffy.

Episode 491

Short summary: After standing with the other Kuja for the arrivial of the empress and Heart Pirates, Marguriete and her friends give the Heart Pirates a supply of food while on bay. Kikyo gets mad at Aphelandra for speaking with the men who aren’t Luffy as they make a short visit.

Episode 507

Short summary: The Kuja talk in the hot springs about Luffy and that they are glad he is recovering, hoping to see him again.

Aphelandra (99).png

Manga counterpart (Chapter 591)

Episode 518

Short summary: Luffy reminiscences of a flashback to when Hancock had Luffy incognito while packing a large amount of supplies for him (to which most have been removed). The Kuja Pirates remind Luffy of the tight watch the Marines are placing at Sabaody before they say their farewells to him.

Manga counterpart (Chapter 599)


Short summary: Sometime during the time skip, Boa Hancock orders her sisters, as well as Marguerite and her friends, to give Luffy food and clothes at Ruskaina (despite Granny Nyon’s reminder of her spoiling him). Granny Nyon gets a message for the a Warlord summoning, despite Hancock ignoring it. At Ruskaina, they spy on Luffy eating, until they come across Byrrndi World, who comes to capture the empress of Amazon Lily. Marigold tries to fight in her cobra form, but World is easily takes her down, causing Marguerite and her friends to be blown away. Luffy spots them and asks them if they brought the food, to which they tell him to run away. World is seen with Hancock’s sisters, to which Luffy tries fighting back, but fails.

Episode 957



  • Based on the info from One Piece Treasure Cruise, she’s ALMOST twice as tall as Marguerite, who slightly taller than Luffy, meaning she is very likely to be a Mini-giantess.

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