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It is a woman whose size is larger than normal (absolute giantess) because there has necessarily been intervention of some entity (external to said woman) that has given it such an abnormal size.

In other words, that the same laws of nature (of their respective fictional world) have not given that woman her great size, but rather it was someone or something (external to said woman) that did it.

That external entity can be: sorcerer, scientist, god, demon, extraterrestrial, radioactive substance, magic potion, magic spell or anything that is fantastic (that is, that is related to fantasy).



  • If they tell us that a woman has acquired her great size thanks to the intervention of a third party, then that means that before being an absolute giantess she was a woman of normal or smaller size (SW). Which implies that she necessarily had to go through a growth process.
    • In short: "artificial giantess implies growth".
  • Because the laws of nature (physics, biology) prevent the existence of absolute giantesses, then this concept applies only to fictional characters.

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