Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom

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Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom
Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom.png
Original name Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom
Author(s) Entertainment One
Country Type of work
United Kingdom Western Animation Series
Release date 6th April 2009
Genre Kids
Is this only about giantesses? No.
Is it in English language? Yes.

Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom is a British animated children's television series. The show was created by Neville Astley and Mark Baker, and produced by Astley Baker Davies and Entertainment One (the companies responsible for Peppa Pig). Many of the voice actors who worked Peppa Pig have lent their voices to the show; these include John Sparkes, Sarah Ann Kennedy, David Rintoul and David Graham. The music is produced by Julian Nott, who is noted for his Wallace and Gromit and Peppa Pig scores. Ben And Holly's little kingdom is the third show to be produced by Astley Baker Davies.


The main characters are Ben and Holly. The show is set in the Little Kingdom which is hidden among thorny brambles. The Little Kingdom is ruled by King and Queen Thistle mainly from the Little Castle, where they live with their three daughters Holly and younger twins Daisy and Poppy. Elves live at the Great Elf Tree, which plays the role of a school, library, mission control service, apartment block and factory for toys and wands. Elves hold the belief that they should never arrive late to anything. Civil fairies live in the Fairy Village, which consists of toadstools which have no food or comfort.

Fairies use magic and most of the fairies are named after flowers and plants. Elves have their own catchphrase, "...and I'm an Elf!" (or "We're Elves!"), and fairies also have their own catchphrase, commonly "I'm a fairy". Elves tell the time with wrist watches and/or clocks, while fairies tell the time in very unconventional ways like from a dandelion. The Elves operate Elf Rescue, the Elf Farm and the Elf Windmill. King Thistle likes to play golf and crazy golf at the Royal Course. Ben and Holly have a ladybird friend called Gaston. Nanny Plum and the Wise Old Elf are characters too, and they have important jobs to do in the context of the show. Mr and Mrs Elf are Ben's parents. The Wise Old Elf is not married anymore but has three sons.

Because everyone in the Little Kingdom is small, all humans are para-giantesses.

Key episodes

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Image Number and name Description Featured relative giantess
  • Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom - S01-EP34
  • “Queen Thistle’s Day Off”
While babysitting the mischievous Daisy and Poppy, they shrink King Thistle, who then gets help from Ben and Holly. But they also get shrinked. They get help from Nanny Plum, Mrs. Elf and Queen Thistle.
  • Holly (para-giantess)
  • Daisy (para-giantess)
  • Poppy (para-giantess)
  • Nanny Plum (para-giantess)
  • Mrs. Elf (para-giantess)
  • Queen Thistle (para-giantess)
  • Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom - S02-EP01
  • ”Giants in the Meadow”
Lucy’s father plans to have cows in the Little Kingdom. Ben and Holly seek help from Lucy and her mother.
  • Lucy (para-giantess)
  • Lucy’s mother (para-giantess)
  • Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom - S02-EP09
  • “Lucy’s School”
Ben and Holly visit Lucy’s school.
  • Lucy (para-giantess)
  • Miss Cookie (para-giantess)