Big City Greens

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Big City Greens
Big City Greens.png
Original name Big City Greens
Author(s) The Houghton Brothers
Country Type of work
Us z.png Emilie icon.png
Release date June 18th, 2018 (cartoon)
Genre Comedy, Adventure
Is this only about giantesses? ❌ No
Is it in English language? ✅ Yes

Big City Greens is an American cartoon series created by The Houghton Brothers.


The series focuses on the Green family. After losing his farm in the country, Bill Green and his two children, Cricket and Tilly, move in with his mother Alice (Grandma), who lives on a small farm in the middle of a big city, aptly named Big City.

Key episodes from cartoon series

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The list that will be presented below could be incomplete, if you know of an episode of Big City Greens that has a GTS theme and is not on this list, let us know in the comments!!!

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Image Number and name Description Featured relative giantess
Big City Greens - SE2-EP08b (Giantess).png
Gramma is in a dream where she is annoyed by tiny singing gnomes. Gramma Alice (para-giantess).
Tilly unlocks a cheat code that creates a tornado while being big temporary. Tilly Green (virtual giantess)
Big City Greens - SE2-EP09b (Giantess).png
Tilly tells a scary story where her mom Nancy moves into new rooms that get smaller and smaller. Nancy Green (relative giantess).


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