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Episode 811

  • Short summary: While Big Mom eats a lot of sweets, Sanji asks Big Mom that he’ll marry Pudding as long as the Straw Hats are set free and alive. She accepts the offer and decides to make the wedding her top priority even though Luffy as done some inexcusable things to her.

Manga counterpart (Chapter 846)

Episode 812

  • Short summary: While Tamago mentions the journey of the four Road Poneglyphs, Big Mom shows the Vinsmokes the creatures she has put into books with the help of her son, Mont-d’Or. Judge mentions he has never come across a Giant in Totto Land, making her upset. After getting a report of Luffy and Nami’s capture, she calls the captives on a Transponder Snail and Luffy responds that he will beat her up.

Manga counterpart (Chapter 847)

Episode 813

  • Short summary: Big Mom informs Luffy that if he gives up on getting Sanji, she’ll let him go alive, noting how important the wedding is to her and he would pay if he does anything to ruin it. She also reminds Luffy of the Tamate Box she has from Fishman Island, waiting to open the box during the wedding. She laughs at Pudding being friends with the Straw Hat and asks Nami if she killed Lola. When Nami replied she became friends with her and thought her mother will help them out, Big Mom yells in rage, wanting her daughter dead due to refusing a political marriage that could help her in becoming “King” of the Pirates. Luffy tells Big Mom he’ll take back Sanji. Pudding reminiscents her mother treating her like a doll (having to do what she says). Big Mom hangs up and gets excited for the wedding, hoping to get Germa’s power and some wedding cake. She gets intell of an intruder invading the Treasure Repository, fearing he would go after the Tamate Box.

Manga counterpart (Chapter 847 & 848)

Episode 814

  • Short summary: She did not participate in this episode.
(There is no gallery)

Episode 815

  • Short summary: Big Mom walks to the Treasure Room, in which she breaks the door and spots Brook messing with her treasure. She views him as a strange creature.

Manga counterpart (Chapter 849)