Big Mom/Gallery/EP917, EP923, EP924, EP926

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Episode 917

  • Short summary: She does not participate or is mentioned. She is only mentioned by Blackbeard.

Episode 923

  • Short summary: Big Mom uses the giant carp to lift her ship up the waterfall in the reaches of Wano while her children destroy the enemy cannons.

Episode 924

  • Short summary: Big Mom’s forces destroy cannons placed on the hills. When they try to reach the top, they see King approaching as a pteranodon. Before landing in the whirlpool, King pushes her ship back down, while Big Mom falls into the waterfall.

Episode 925

  • Short summary: She did not participate in this episode.
(There is no gallery)

Episode 926

  • Short summary: Perospero imagines Big Mom tearing through Luffy’s soul while she sinks underwater. As Chopper climbs up bamboo, he sees someone drenched out of the ocean. He, along with Tama, Momonosuke, and O-Kiku, found a large woman who’s smaller than giants. Chopper notices she is Big Mom and gets really scared. He tells the others about her, including how she’s similar to Kaido. Chopper and Momonosuke try to run away, but she wakes up and doesn’t realize where or who she is.