Big Mom/Gallery/EP927-EP929, EP933

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Episode 927

  • Short summary: Big Mom tries to remember what she was doing while Tama asks if she needs assistance while Chopper tries to back away from her. Tama tried to reveal her actual name, but Chopper decides to disguise that with the name “O-Lin”. Linlin likes the name, and then notices that she is hungry.

Episode 928

  • Short summary: In Okobore Town, Tsuru gives Linlin, who is called by the name “O-Lin”, some oshiruko. She thought it was delicious and was thankful that Tsuru fed her despite being poor. Momonosuke, Tama, and Chopper order her to come with them to Udon Prison by convincing her there will be tons of oshiruko there.

Episode 929

  • Short summary: Perospero mentions how Big Mom and Kaido were crew mates before separating and becoming emperors. Meanwhile, O-Lin and the rest ride on a Sharkodile that she hit twice to tame to Udon. O-Lin reflects on her original name, as well as noticing the people in Okobore Town being nice that she would like to eat some oshiruko (red-bean paste). O-Lin wonders if they’re at Udon, in which shows her a map of Wano to show far they are and how they need to recruit allies. O-Lin only gets hungrier.

Episode 933

  • Short summary: O-Lin gets hungry for oshiruko and wonders if they reached Udon. Tama reminds her they will reach Udon soon and get it. Tama describes how delicious. However, she got perplexed when O-Lin compares its shininess to a frog’s eye. O-Kiku notices how excited she is while Chopper is in fear that if there is no oshiruko, then she would harm Luffy.