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ボア サンダーソニア
Boa Sandersonia Anime Infobox.png
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Author(s) Eiichiro Oda
Work of origin One Piece
Sex SEX F.png
  • 28 (pre-timeskip)
  • 30 (post-timeskip)
Height 4.53 m
ボア マリーゴールド
Boa Marigold Anime Infobox.png
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Author(s) Eiichiro Oda
Work of origin One Piece
Sex SEX F.png
  • 26 (pre-timeskip)
  • 28 (post-timeskip)
Height 4.32 m

They are minor characters in Amazon Lily arc. They are the younger sisters of Boa Hancock, who is an Amazon. Both of their Devil Fruits involve them being a snake, making them even longer.


Episode 409

Short summary: Nothing notable as they both travel with Boa Hancock back to Amazon Lily.

Episode 410

Short summary: The sisters stand by their ruler on her decisions, despite her rotten behavior towards the Marines.

Manga counterpart (Chapter 516)

Episode 411

Short summary: They walk behind their sister as they notice her people are cheering for her return. As they start to guard her as she goes in the hot spring, Ran tells a little girl about the legend of the sisters fighting a Gorgon, and are cursed with a pair of eyes each behind their backs.

Manga counterpart (Chapter 517)

Episode 412

Short summary: The sisters come rushing in the bath house, only to notice a man (Luffy) in it to which he saw their sister’s back. They are surprised that Boa Hancock cannot petrify Luffy with her Love-Love Beam and that he jumped out of the window from way up high. They later stand in the tower during Luffy’s execution. After Hancock hears about Luffy not accepting her cruelty, she orders her sisters to take down the man as they turn into giant snakes.

Manga counterpart (Chapter 518)

Episode 413

Short summary: The audience is excited for the sisters fight against Luffy, but Luffy interrupts to put the girls down. Afterwards, their elder sisters orders them to start the execution. Marigold tries to attack with her axe and poisonous venom, but dodges them. Luffy tried attacking her, but she tanked the attack with her hand. Sandersonia wraps Luffy up and notices he has a Devil Fruit like them. She also notices how Luffy was going to attack her before he performed it due to her Haki. They push him off the edge and smacked him in between their tails, but he got back up to stand up against their elder sister. They try to make him suffer by threatening Marguerite’s and her friends’ lives, but they get shocked when Luffy unleashed his Conqueror’s Haki, something their sister can perform.

Manga counterpart (Chapter 519)

Episode 414

Short summary: After realizing Luffy cannot control his Haki, they continue the fight. Sandersonia tries to destroy Marguroete, but Luffy protects her, not wanting her to be involved. This causes Hancock to order them to him move the statue. Marigold spreads poison across the field which has a sidekick of poisonous gas. This causes Luffy to feel numb while Sandersonia attacks him constantly. Marigold knocks him off the stadium, but he moves around from below as he dodges her poison and blows away the gas. Luffy goes into Gear 2nd and lands a hit on Sandersonia’s hands. She tries to attack him with her Medusa hair, but he dodges and was able to slam her to the ground. Luffy was also able to knock down Marigold and break her axe. Hancock orders them to kill him immediately, to which Marigold introduces her Salmander form: to which she lights herself on fire, but Luffy kicks them both down while having their tails tangled. Sandersonia gets herself on fire and grabs onto the stand where her back is revealed. Hancock notices her back is about to be exposed until Luffy covers the mark, to which they notice he’s “protecting” them. Hancock orders the audience to leave while Luffy states he doesn’t want to deal with her secret in a fight.

Manga counterpart (Chapter 520)

Episode 415

Short summary: Luffy gets off of Sandersonia’s back as the sisters return to their human form and ask their older sister for forgiveness. They were shocked of when Luffy asked her to turn the girls, even after she tried tricking him in revealing his “true nature”. Sandersonia thanked Luffy for what he did near the end of the fight. Boa Hancock shows Luffy the mark behind her back as Luffy wonders about it. Granny Nyon reveals Luffy’s shocking history of him punching a Celestial Dragon as he doesn’t regret it. Hancock tells the story of her sisters and her being slaves to the Celestial Dragons, who were the first men they saw. The horror really got to Sandersonia. They wished for death until Fisher Tiger came to free the slaves. Her sisters specifically were forced to eat Snake-Snake Fruits (Sandersonia being Model: Anaconda while Marigold being Model: King Cobra), which is how they hid their secret. The sisters acknowledge Nyon’s gratitude to the three while Hancock views it as a small kindness.

Manga counterpart (Chapter 521)

Episode 416

Short summary: Hancock has her sisters prepare a banquet for Luffy before he leaves Amazon Lily. Later, they notice their sister not sleeping, despite her saying she was too tired for the banquet. They started worrying about her after she fainted from sickness. Later in her bedroom, she asked them if she’s going to die.

Episode 417

Short summary: Sandersonia nd Marigold encourage their sister to fight the disease as they notice Granny Nyon coming with Luffy. Granny Nyon notices the disease and tests the symptoms, to which they want her to stop. She states this virus killed empresses prior to Hancock. When stating Luffy has a request for Hancock, she got up without hesitation, having the sisters surprised. As they eavesdropped of Luffy requesting to go on a Navyship to save his brother, the sisters yelled at Luffy, reminding her of the horrors they’ve been in, thinking they should’ve finished him off. However, they were surprised she accepted the request. While Hancock starts to get on the Navyship from her ship, they say their farewells as sheorders them to guard the kingdom while she’s gone.

Manga counterpart (Chapter 522 & 523)

Strong World: Episode 0

Hancock (age 7) tells her sisters that they should become strong to be pirates.

Episode 469

Short summary: Boa Hancock fantasizes her sisters walking behind her in the aisle for her marriage with Luffy.

Episode 491

Short summary: The Kuja Pirates jump to the Marine ship, happy to see their empress again. Sometime later, they are greeted back to Amazon Lily. After hearing word of Luffy finally waking up, Hancock’s sisters tell her to eat before rushing to Luffy’s side since she hasn’t eaten much after her arrive, only causing Hancock to want to help preparing food for Luffy. Granny Nyon complains about her decision when she wants to serve the food herself.

Manga counterpart (Chapter 582)

Episode 507

Short summary: The royal family, along with Granny Nyon escort the food to Luffy. The two sisters were glad to see Rayleigh. Everyone is glad Luffy is back to his old ways (yet Hancock was mad at Jinbe for eating an entire fruit). The sisters thank Rayleigh and Nyon for rescuing them and avoid being slaves for longer. Rayleigh talks about Luffy’s group breaking out of Impel Down, wondering how he was able to infiltrate a heavily-guarded prison. Rayleigh asks Luffy if it’s the best choice for Luffy to meet with his crew at Sabaody as soon as possible, mentioning if he wants to go through the fate of defeat again.

Manga counterpart (Chapter 591)

Episode 508

Short summary: Luffy mentions he has to go to Sabaody due to making a promise to his crew. Rayleigh starts to offer a second suggestion to him.

Episode 509

Short summary: Boa Hancock and Jinbe do not understand Rayleigh’s intentions based on what Luffy has been through. Luffy wonders if it would help his crew, to which Rayleigh responds it’s worth a shot. Luffy decides he’ll follow the suggestion and go to Marineford.

Episode 516

Short summary: As Jinbe leaves from the Kuja Pirates’ ship, everyone waved their goodbyes to him (while Hancock gazes over Luffy). They Kuja Pirates also drop off Luffy and Rayleigh at Ruskaina, where Luffy would train for 2 years.

Manga counterpart (Chapter 597)

Episode 517

Short summary: Two years later, the Kuja Pirates come to pick up Luffy and are surprised he rules Ruskaina. Luffy says his farewells to his animal friends.

Manga counterpart (Chapter 598)

Episode 518

Short summary: Luffy reminiscences of a flashback to when Hancock had Luffy incognito while packing a large amount of supplies for him (to which most have been removed). The Kuja Pirates remind Luffy of the tight watch the Marines are placing at Sabaody before they say their farewells to him.

Manga counterpart (Chapter 599)

Episode 522

Short summary: Hancock stops the cannons from being fired at the Sunny and asks the Marines who placed the “disgusting” ships in her path. Sanji tries to look at Hancock through a telescope. Hancock makes an “argument” that the ships are interfering with Marine business, despite that’s what they used to argue against her. As the Sunny submerges underwater, Rear Admiral Catacombo asks childishly to move her ship.

Manga counterpart (Chapter 602)


Short summary: Sometime during the time skip, Boa Hancock orders her sisters, as well as Marguerite and her friends, to give Luffy food and clothes at Ruskaina (despite Granny Nyon’s reminder of her spoiling him). Granny Nyon gets a message for the a Warlord summoning, despite Hancock ignoring it and tearing the letter apart. At Ruskaina, they spy on Luffy eating, until they come across Byrrndi World, who comes to capture the empress of Amazon Lily. Marigold tries to fight in her cobra form, but World is easily takes her down, causing Marguerite and her friends to be blown away. World is seen with Hancock’s sisters, to which Luffy tries fighting back, but fails. He makes a threat sentence to Hancock and states to meet him at the break of dawn, in 2 days. Byojack tells him he’s heard of Luffy as they depart with the sisters. When Hancock arrived at World’s ship, World shows her sisters trapped in a cage and tells her to come on board to get them back. As World starts to confront Luffy, Luffy sees the sisters in the cage World has them in and plans on getting them out. World starts to overpower Luffy, causing the girls to worry. However, Admiral Akainu’s attack on the ship causes the cage to drop. World is surprised the Navy arrived which he plans on attack the World Government with his ship and states he doesn’t trust his friends. Hancock arrives to where Luffy and World are, frees her sisters, and runs away with them to their ship. They pray for Luffy to get out of the ship. Hancock is worried about Luffy even when he hasn’t gotten back from the giant cannonball fire and the ship has sunk. Luckily, they praise for his return as lands on their ship.

Episode 895

  • Short summary: Hancock’s sisters and Granny Nyon try to stop the soldiers from interfering with the Warlord’s bath, but Ginger broke through the door, despite them blocking it. They eventually got back up as Sandersonia gave Hancock her clothes. The trio eventually retreat after Ginger releases Super concentrated CO2 gas.

Episode 896

  • Short summary: Hancock’s sisters come and help her fight Guarana. However, Cidre’s group suggests to retreat to activate the killer rig. As Luffy separates from the girls, they start to fight Guarana and Ginger. However, Hancock took both of them down easily in which they didn’t need to do anything at all. They say their farewells as Luffy reminds Hancock he got an invitation to the Pirate Fest.


  • Short summary: Nothing noteworthy as they appear during Hancock's introduction and a clip in the ending credits.

Episode 957



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