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Bronze Skin Inc.
All its characters.
Original name Bronze Skin Inc.
Author(s) Pedro Barreto
Country Type of work
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Release date 2019
Genre Could be: Absurd humour
Is this only about giantesses? ✅ Yes
Is it in English language? ✅ Yes (officially translated)

Bronze Skin Inc. is Brazilian webcomic of absurd humor focused on the giantess fetishism.

This is the first work of the Brazilian author Pedro Barreto, started in July 2019, and every first day of the month, a new chapter is available, being currently in chapter 14 (or the fifteenth chapter, including the pilot).

It can be read officially on Tapas and ComicFury.


This webcomic is about the routine of a company of the same name.

When suddenly around the world several women grow to a gigantic size, they immediately become a danger to people of normal size. In the city of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), a company makes a truce with them by offering the best tan possible, this is Bronze Skin Inc.

The plot begins 3 years later, accompanying our two protagonists, newcomers Dante and Julia, discovering the adventures that this company provides them, as well as evident Fanservice.

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Characters (optional)


  • Dandara - A teacher who loves science and parties
  • Patricia - A young woman in love with animals
  • Rita - A rock-loving musician
  • Thais - A neuroscience student, philosophical and pothead.
  • Lorena - A stylist with an artistic and unpredictable spirit.
  • Helena - A designer with nerdy tastes
  • Charlotte - An unfriendly actress
  • Brenda - A vain lawyer
  • Jessica - A gamer cook and an anime fan.
  • Ingrid - The oldest and leader of the giantesses
  • Marjorie - An assertive and dominating college student
  • Naomi - A strong martial arts fighter and structurer!

Bronze Skin employees

  • Julia: New, energetic and lively employee!
  • Dante: New employee, shy and in love with a giantess.
  • Joe: Friendly and dramatic employee.
  • Mike: Responsible and rigorous employee.
  • Vanessa: Muscular and determined supervisor
  • Willian: Supervisory assistant, calm and intelligent.
  • Jane: Sarcastic and indifferent manager.

Chapters (optional)

  • Pilot - Shake Your Giant Butt : Initial chapter, shows the scenery and the first giantess. The plot is showing how Julia and Dante got the job at Bronze Skin Inc.
  • Chapter 1 - Local Fauna : Coatis hinder the team's service, but giantess Patricia demands that they not be harmed.
  • Chapter 2 - Haunted : A ghost decides to haunt the body of a giantess as if it were a haunted ship!
  • Chapter 3 - Passion : Dante needs to prove to the manager that he can tan two enamored and excited giantesses without having an erection, or he will be fired.
  • Chapter 4 - Secret Identity : Giantess superhero Titan-Tits is at risk of having her secret identity revealed!
  • Chapter 5 - Helicopters : An internet celebrity wants to break into the tanning section of the company!
  • Chapter 6 - Sand : A wizard builds a sand castle around the body of the giantess!
  • Chapter 7 - Cap : A mischievous magical entity decides to play tricks on the team and the giantess.
  • Chapter 8 - Draw : The team and the son of the giantess Ingrid are attacked by a swarm of bees.
  • Chapter 9 - Inflatable Circle : The team is attacked by mermaids while trying to get the attention of giantess Marjorie.
  • Chapter 10 - Drill : A mysterious enemy appears with robots programmed and equipped to kill the giantesses.
  • Chapter 11 - Courage : Giantess Marjorie, Dante, Julia and Jane explore underground ruins.
  • Chapter 12 - Fast : An extremely fast robot is sent to kill the giantesses, being faced by Titan-Tits and their team!
  • Chapter 13 - Sea Beast : Giantess Patricia wants to have a pet Kraken.
  • Chapter 14 - Fun : A robot builds a pinball machine with a giantess in.
  • Chapter 15 - Pygmies : The team needs to check what is clogging the tanning oil feed pipe of the gallon.
  • Chapter 16 - Hunt : A new hunting robot determines Marjorie as its target!
  • Chapter 17 - Smoke : Marjorie takes Dante to the Casario.
  • Chapter 18 - Inside : Dante is digested by Marjorie.


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