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Episode 09

  • Short summary: King demonstrates his power by defeating the sacred knight. After this, Diane and all the others have been teleported to the world of the living. All go to a lake to settle temporarily, meanwhile, King explains that the sacred treasures allow to use more power than they normally have. Diane is sad because she lost her sacred treasure. So the first sacred treasure they are going to recover is Diane's, since it is the closest there is. This treasure is found in a village, but Diane does not accompany them because the villagers will most likely be frightened to see a giantess, so she stays in the tavern next to Elizabeth to collect food.

Episode 10

  • Short summary: While Diane and Elizabeth collect food, Elizabeth is surprised to see a giant anthropomorphic fungus. Diane, unconcernedly, hits the mushroom, but the latter defends itself by throwing a dust that shrinks. This situation is used to register in the village tournament where her sacred treasure is. She participates under the name Matrona, and her first combat is against a very muscular man, whose combat finally ends in victory. Matrona is described as Diane by her friends. She has between her breasts Elizabeth. Then she witnesses King's fight against an old man, where King is humiliatingly defeated.

Episode 11

  • Short summary: Diane (still "shrunken"), presence the fight between Ban and Meliodas, where finally Meliodas triumphs. Then it is Matrona's turn to fight against a sacred knight who has the power to provoke tornadoes. Diane finally defeats him by turning her body into metal. Then she witnesses the fight between Meliodas and the old man, where the old man surrenders because he respects Meliodas. Finally, Diane will face Meliodas, but seeing that a women want to flirt with him, she misunderstands that and is enraged by jealousy.

Episode 12

  • Short summary: The fight begins between meliodas and Diane, but they decide not to continue fighting. The 4 deadly sins present appear before the public and threaten them that if they did not leave, the 4 deadly sins would kill them (actually they were protecting them from an attack caused by the sacred knights). Diane realizes that her sacred treasure is not there (have they stolen it?). She sees a fallen old man and helps him, which made him reflect on the sacred knight who wanted to attack her (that is, he realizes that she was not a bad person). Finally, Diane falls into a crack.

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