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Original name
  • ドッグデイズ (original)
  • Dog Days (English)
  • Kiro Hanehane (art)
  • Masaki Tsuzuki (story)
Country Type of work
Jp z.png Morumo icon.png Silk icon.png
Release date
Genre Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Magic
Is this only about giantesses? No.
Is it in English language? Yes, unofficially subbed

Dog Days is a Japanese manga/anime series written and illustrated by Kiro Hanehane (art) and Masaki Tsuzuki (story).


Cinque Izumi, Nanami Takatsuki, and Rebecca Anderson must once again embark on a journey to the continent of Flonyard and participate in the friendly war games of the three allied nations: Biscotti Republic, Galette, and Pastilage. Cinque is Biscotti’s hero, who also happens to be the cousin of Galette’s hero Nanami. Rebecca is Pastillage’s hero and a dear friend of Cinque.

Dog Days begins in the human world. Rebecca prepares her things for her journey back to Pastilage from Japan. Meanwhile, Cinque and Nanami set out to travel to Biscotti and Galette, respectively, all the way from England, when suddenly, a freakish streak of bad luck—in the form of lightning, of course—sends them off course. They soon find themselves in the great Dragon Forest, protected by a Dragon Priestess named Sharu. The Dragon Priestess informs them that demons threaten to invade the forest, as well as the whole continent of Flonyard!

It looks like a real war is about to begin in Dog Days. Can these three heroes save the whole continent from these evil beings?

Featured giantess: "Farine the Sky Priestess"

  1. Farine is a god-like character.
  2. She is an ally of the protagonists.
  3. She participated as giantess in SE3-EP09-EP12.
  4. She can create 3 mini-versions of herself, they are smaller than normal (SW) and often interact with female characters (para-giantesses).

Quick gallery

Key chapters from anime series

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Season 1: Dog Days

There is no GTS scenes!

Season 2: Dog Days'

There is no GTS scenes!

Season 3: Dog Days''

Image Number and name Description Featured relative giantess
Dog Days - SE3-OP (Giantess).png
Farine has a brief scene, showing only her face and smiling. Farine (standard giantess).
Dog Days - SE3-ED (Giantess).png
3 of the main male character are little chibis who run along the female character (as relative giantesses). Various female caharacters (relative giantesses).
Dog Days - SE3-EP05 (Giantess).png
The protagonists must save the princess from a tribe of tiny humanoid plants. There are several scenes para-GTS.
Dog Days - SE3-EP09 (Giantess).png
  1. Aria makes some brief interactions with little humanoid people.
  2. The protagonists look for help. They find the Sky Priestess, Farine, but they don't image that she was a giantess.
Dog Days - SE3-EP10 (Giantess).png
  1. Farine helps the protagonists, but she can't accompany them. Instead that, she gives them 3 miniture versions of herself.
  2. Various female characters interact with these mini-Farines.
Dog Days - SE3-EP11 (Giantess).png
  1. Various female characters interact with these mini-Farines.
  2. Aria makes some brief interactions with little humanoid people.
Dog Days - SE3-EP12 (Giantess).png
  1. This is the last episode of this franchise.
  2. Farine congrats the protagonists. Also, she make some interactions with her mini-versions (mini-Farines).
  3. Mini-Farines interacts with various females.
  4. There is a big stone sculpture of a female mermaid.

Key chapters from manga series

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Image Number and name Description Featured relative giantess


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