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"I draw what I draw because I wish to. I draw the way I do because it's comfortable to me. I draw, therefore I do."
  • Twilight-Prince1002 (old)
  • DunamisSolgard1002 (current)
First name(s) -
Last name(s) -
Birthplace Current residence
Us z.png Us z.png
Sex Does (s)he like giantesses?
SEX M.png Heart popup.png
Yes, for sexual purposes.
Birthdate -
Other fetishisms -
Is (s)he a professional artist? ❌ No
Role Writer (formerly), illustrator (currently).
Known for His numerous literary writings, his numerous drawings and his active social life.
deviantART http://dunamissolgard1002.deviantart.com/
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American amateur illustrator (currently), CGI artist (formely) and writer (formely). He is a close friend of MasterOfRa, Sanone, ArthurT, Feyzer and Jackurai.

Characteristics (psychological profile)

  • Closed to his friends: He prefers to interact with his friends, little interest in new friends.

Artistic style (illustrations)

  • Traditional: He uses pencil and paper. He does not know how to use software specialized in illustration such as Adobe Photoshop.
  • Asymmetric bodies: The human bodies that he draws are symmetrical, you can easily notice
  • Flat colors: He never adds shadows or shading.
  • Misapplied perspective: When he draws scenarios, he does not even use the perspective of a point.

Brief gallery (only illustrations)

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