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Rules of the list

The list must meet the following conditions:
  1. The name of the work should be the name that is known in the West (and if not known, then that is his Latinized original name, that is, in rōmaji).
  2. After choosing a name, proceed to locate alphabetically in the list.
  3. There should be a brief overview for each episode (if any).
  4. Are banned mainly pornographic works or "hentai" (e.g.: GANTZ itself enters the list because its main theme is action, hentai is secondary). The "ecchi" or non-pornographic perverted work are tolerated.
  5. A series or franchise deserves its own article where there is a list of all its episodes or scenes in which there was a relative giantess (or pseudo-giantess if the context warrants) as long as it has 2 or more of these scenes or episodes.
    • Otherwise (that is, if that has a single episode), its episode will be displayed directly on the list.
  6. In any case, all episodes or scenes will deserve an article (there may also be exceptions, the next point will explain which are). And with the aim of being studied more thoroughly, all these articles will have a tabulation (Template:Tab) that will study the 3 most important traits:
    • General: It will study the episode or the scene in question. Giving key information with its respective infobox, a brief summary, a list of the featured giantesses, and curiosities; optionally there will also be the sources, some relevant images to decorate the article, and related articles.
    • Gallery: An special article dedicated to GTS-themed images related to the episode or scene in question.
    • GTS Tropes: This section is the most complex of all, because here the GTS tropes related to the episode or scene are studied.
  7. The previous point may also have exceptions, as was said. For example:
    • If a character participated in several episodes but for a short time (like Shirahoshi or Klan Klang).
    • If the character herself is more relevant than the episodes in which she participated (as the cases of Diane or Mount Lady).
  8. Each work must have a picture where scenes where is the GTS theme. The image must be at least 1 screenshot and at most 6. It is recommended that the best scenes are chosen. In addition, the image must be secure content for work (not pornographic or violent; apt to be seen publicly), and if that have naked, it is recommended that with black rectangles censor inappropriate parts (genitals and female nipples). If you want to know how to join images, read this tutorial. Here are some examples:


  • Marika Seven: When a giant monster appears out of nowhere and starts destroying the city, everyone, including Sanjo Marika, is shocked that they would see such a sight in the 21st century. As the entire city flees from the monster which is bigger than the tallest building, Marika finds herself running towards it. Not only does she hear voices in her head, she doesn’t have control of her body. She suddenly transforms into a costumed heroine just as tall as the monster and destroys it, saving the city from annihilation. Is Marika the new superhero of this generation?




  • Morumo 1/10: A student 16 meters tall (if her size was normal, her height would be 1.6 meters) must face the challenge of being able to live as if she were a normal person.