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Fetish in which people get excited, or feel pleasure to see, or be in the company of fat women, some fatter than others.

This fetishism is related (but not derived) from the giantesses, because the fat ones can be either semi-giantesses or imperfect giantesses.

An acronym often used to refer to this fetish is BBW (abbreviation of Big Beautiful Woman), however, the fact that it indicates "big" in the name, does not necessarily indicate that there must be giantess fetishism, "big" refers more to the fetishism of obese or overweight women, who from time to time can be seen morphologically larger than a normal thin woman.

Another fetish associated with this is the weight gain, when a character eats to the point of gaining weight, it is assumed that he would later go on to become a BBW girl, it is something similar to the giantess fetishism with the theme of growth.

As there is the GTS community, there are dedicated communities full of the subject of BBW women (big obese women), as for the fetishism of fat giantesses (mostly imperfect giantesses), just like in real life, there are anyway: there are exaggeratedly large fat people who are morbidly obese, of great fatness, voluptuousness, deformed at times, and with small heads in contrast to the rest of the body, however, there are fat fetishists who prefer them to a lesser degree fat, and who form part of a "minor scale" of fetishism fat, for example, those fat "plump" with some overweight, but still maintain basic aspects of female beauty as a beautiful face (according to the standards of Western beauty), something of curves, breasts, butt, and so on, so that it is attractive to the eye.

Without giantess fetishism

Within this category, we can see various types of fat that please fat fetishists, without the giantess fetishism there are different levels of fatness beloved by fat fetishists, some morbid, others simply with slight overweight.

With giantess fetishism

Within the giantess fetishism this includes fat women, some more than others, some fetishists are pleased when they are in the company not only of a large woman, but of a voluptuous BBW, and morbid, although others prefer them more plump with low overweight, within the same fetish of fat giantesses there are several fetishes that complement it like the feet, the boobcrush, the buttcrush, and in rare occasions, vore (making more sense in the fantasies where the giant fat woman must eat more and more).


  • There are artists dedicated to the subject of fat giantess like Jackurai in some animations of weight gain, galiagan, or Miton, although each one has different preferences for fat giantesses.
  • There are variations of this fetish, for example, one may like fat women and at the same time not like morbid obesity or inflationism.

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