Forever Marilyn

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Forever Marilyn
A tribute to the actress and model Marilyn Monroe.
Original name Forever Marilyn
Author(s) John Seward Johnson II
Country Type of work
Us z.png Atenea icon.png
Release date July 2011.
Genre Tribute
Is this only about giantesses? Yes
Is it in English language? -

A huge statue dedicated to Marilyn Monroe (sex symbol of the 1950's), which is depicted in a windy scene that lifts her skirt from the 1954 film Seven Year Itch.

It was designed by the artist John Seward Johnson II, inspired by the famous photo where the wind lifts the skirt of Marilyn (see image on the left).

It is 7.9 meters high and was inaugurated in July 2011.

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9 months ago
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Is the statue still up


9 months ago
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