Garry's Mod

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Garry's Mod
Garry's Mod logo.png
Half Life 2 modder.
Original name Garry's Mod
Developer Garry Newman
Country Us z.png
Platform PC
Release date 2005
Genre Creative, modifiable
Does it deal exclusively with giantesses? No, but it does allow them to be modified
Where to get it? Steam, often
Is it in English? Yes

Garry's Mod, or simply GMod, is a sandbox game that allows the user to manipulate objects and experiment with physics. It uses a modification of the Source engine, which uses recent video game elements, such as those appearing in The Orange Box and Left 4 Dead, but later became a separate game with the same content.

Since the version named Garry's Mod in 2006, this does not require any game with the Source engine. Since version 13, it was used LuaJit.

How do I modify sizes at GMod?

  1. You have to download Ragdoll Resizer ( and launch the game, open spawn menu, in building tab select Ragdoll Resizer
  2. For change player size use Player Resizer (



  • When the GTS community uses this software, there is a balance in the times that is done using real human figures or animé.


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