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A rare case where someone gets turned on by Minecraft.
Pseudonym(s) GTSMinecraft
First name(s) David
Last name(s) Wolf
Birthplace Current residence
Us z.png Us z.png
Sex Does (s)he like giantesses?
SEX M.png Heart popup.png
Yes, for sexual purposes.
Birthdate May 31st
Other fetishisms Minecraft
Is (s)he a professional artist? ❌ No
Role CGI artist, illustrator
Known for His strange images that involve Minecraft.
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Fea is his OC. He seems that this English speaker does not know what that name means in Spanish.

American CGI artist and illustrator. This is other strange case where a macrophile is sexually attracted to the characters of Minecraft.

Apparently, he is the only fan of Minecraft that illustrates his fantasies, showing us giant cubic women (hair and breasts are not cubic, curiously).

Artistic style (illustrations)

  • He uses highly contrasted and saturated colors.
  • The scenarios are very simple (little detailed), poorly colored in some cases.
  • He uses flat colors, it lacks of shadows and shading.


  • He is aware that most people are against him and consider that his fetishisms are extravagant. Despite this, he continues on his way (he does not care about the opinion of others).

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