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Gargantua: the most famous giant of literature. From this character are born the macabre allusions on the giants (devourers, destroyers, evil, powerful, etc.).

In the English language commonly refers to a large, human and male being. In Spanish it works the same, the word is gigante.

Outside the GTS community

A common linguistically uneducated person will first think of a large male human. This is historically explained by Western literature in the 16th century, When François Rabelais published his masterpiece Gargantua and Pantagruel, where this work massively popularizes the idea that the giants are abominable, devouring, ruthless beings who use their enormous power and intimidating size to control the smaller than they.

Inside the GTS community

When a member of this community hears or reads this word (assuming he is Hispanic or Anglophone), he/she will think of a large (human or non-human) being. This is because in this community they differ from the ideas of François Rabelais, not because they are against him, but because of the ignorance and isolation of the real world (only spoken between members), in addition that the majority of the members are fetishists (so that they see as erotic large sized objects).

In the case of giant males, most of the time there is repudiation for this idea, as it contradicts what the GTS community likes.

On the other hand, the giant women, often called giantesses or gigantas, have an inevitable appreciation because it is just what the GTS community likes.

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