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La pulotte géante
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Episode cover.
Episode name
  • La pulotte géante (original)
  • The giant ploomers (translated)
  • Dofus aux trésors de Kérubim (original)
  • Dofus: The Treasures of Kerub (translated)
Country Series type
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Featured giantess(es) Gulivette
Is it in English language? Yes, with unofficial subtitles

Dofus: The Treasures of Kerubim (french: Dofus aux trésors de Kérubim) is an 2013's animated series based upon the game named Dofus.

The series is set 200 years before the beginning of the MMORPG and follows the character of Kerubim throughout various points in his life. The premise has Kerubim narrating several of his adventures to his adopted son Joris and their housekeeper Simone. Dofus consists of 52 episodes, each running 13 minutes apiece.

Synopsis (with spoilers)

A huge garment

The episode begins with Simone passing through the city with a huge basket of clothes while the neighbors make fun of her. When she reached Kerubim's shop, Simone scolded him because she was ashamed because of oversized ploomers.

Kerubim tells her that these ploomers belong to him, and not because he was fat in the past, but because it saved his life.

The story

So he tells his story:

When he was young, he was in love. So he was looking for a gift for Lu (the person he's fallen in love with), so after finding so much, he found a giant ring, but his rival also found it.

While fighting over who got that ring, a giant raven grabs the ring, taking the two rivals with them as well. After a time of flight between the clouds, the crow collides with a giant window and the rivals are unconscious (knocked out).

Kidnapped by a giantess

After waking up, they realize that they have been locked in an enormous glass cylinder, wondering how they arrived or who kidnapped them. While discussing, a huge human is shown imposingly, which causes them panic. This giantess opens the bottle and with her massive hands takes them and she is presented with the name of Gulivette.

Kerubim continues to narrate, this time a brief biography of Gulivette:

"Since her birth, Gulivette was an unusual girl. For his parents she was very expensive to make a house to her measure. It took them so much time, money and energy that in the end they could not, and Gulivette was left to fend for herself. Tired and bored, she decided to make friends, even if it was by force."

We are the toys of the giantess

Continuing the story of the capture, Gulivette wanted to have fun with her new "friends" with various games. First he forced them to fight (in towable robes) and the victor will give him a kiss. The hostages begin to argue to know who is to blame for having been there, so the fight begins, which they consume in pushing themself. They pushed so hard that they fell simultaneously and could not get up any more, which made Gulivette boring and this one is going to bring another game "real mortal with hammers".

Gulivette retires, so the hostages look for a way to escape. So they go through the window "jumping" thanks to their rebotable costumes and upon arriving, they realize they are in a floating palace in the clouds.

For Kerubim, the days gone by were horrible:

  • He did girl's things (like dancing a ballet).
  • He bathed next to Gulivette, which causes great waves inside the tub.
  • They had to make up, like painting the lips, that he and his rival ended up fighting, and that displeased the giantess.
  • They had her fingernails cleaned, but when they did they had to breathe the nail polish.
  • They make you a beauty treatment:
    • Putting cucumbers on the face.
    • Rapping her legs with wax, but wanting to compete, they caused Gulivette pain, and she hit them.
  • Listen to her (anecdotes or thoughts).
  • Be fed by Gulivette, but as if they were a baby. And if you played with the food you received a blow to the head.
  • Do theater where one should take the role of the prince and the other of princess. Even the giantess forced you to kiss your rival (considering that they continue to play the role of prince and princess).

Having already had enough of that situation, both decide to "play hide and seek" to deceive and escape. Gulivette must count to 100, but she does it badly (proving her lack of education).

The hostages take advantage to leave the castle, but then realize that although they have been able to escape the castle, they will not be able to leave the clouds. So they start to discuss how to run away.

Meanwhile, Tifus, the pet of Gulivette, finds them. The anger of the hostages is noticed when they hit her.

The escape

Gulivette is surprised to see her pet beaten, so she releases her anger by destroying part of his palace. Then she will want to step on the hostages, but without realizing it, she destroyed the clouds that surrounded her palace.

Clouds were falling, and both Gulivette and the hostages went to the palace. Gulivette manages to hold on, but the hostages are holding her...


Finally, the hostages fall along with the ploomers, which are used as a parachute.

And so ends the story of how Kerubim got those huge ploomers.


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