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Feeling small is part of the hellish punishment.
Episode name
  • 怨みの街角 (original)
  • The Street Corner of Bitterness (translated)
Series Hell Girl
Country Series type
Jp z.png Silk icon.png
Featured giantess(es) Absolute giantesses (on the earth's surface):

Para-giantesses (when they are already in Hell):

  • Ai Enma
  • Kikuri
Is it in English language? Yes

Hell Girl is an anime series that deals with a demon called Ai Enma that fulfills the requests of anyone who wants to send someone specific to Hell at the cost of the soul that asked for it.


Ai, before sending Tsuzuki to hell. She looks like a ultra-giantess.

Convenience store worker Tsuzuki Kinya offers to take care of Kashiwagi Hidemi (who Yuzuki briefly sees at the end of the last episode) after she misses the last train home. As they are walking together, someone takes a picture of them and posts it online. Because Tsuzuki looks like a delinquent, the people around Kashiwagi become suspicious.

Kashiwagi will send the person who uploaded the picture to Hell for giving her a bad reputation. Yuzuki can now sense people who are about to contact Ai, and seeks out Kashiwagi to try to persuade her to stop her revenge. Kashiwagi and Yuzuki try to locate Tsuzuki's store only to find that he has been arrested for assault. Kashiwagi types in Tsuzuki's name on the Hell Correspondence with her mobile phone instead, since his assault charge may land in the newspapers.

Tsuzuki breaks out of jail with a gun and takes Yuzuki hostage. Kashiwagi tells him to stop hoping he will recognize her, but he doesn't at first. Saddened, she pulls the string. The next day, Kashiwagi is seen afterwards wearing excessive jewelry, make up and tattoos. Yuzuki's resolve to stop vengeful people wavers as she senses many people about to contact the Hell Link.


  • When Kikuri leaves the screen with static background, it is a reference to the movie The Ring.
  • It is seen that the animators have not worried about the size of Ai Enma, since it oscillates between the classic and the super size.


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