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Herretik Profile.png
Profile from his deviantART account.
Pseudonym(s) Herretik
First name(s)
Last name(s)
Birthplace Current residence
Mx z.png
Us z.png
Sex Does (s)he like giantesses?
SEX M.png Heart popup.png
Yes, for sexual purposes.
Birthdate -
Other fetishisms -
Is (s)he a professional artist? ❌ No
Role Ilustrator
Known for His numerous erotic drawings on deviantART.
deviantART http://herretik.deviantart.com/
pixiv -
tumblr. -
YouTube -
Twitter -
Facebook -
Official website https://www.patreon.com/herretik
"I can speak spanish proficiently, but I have a difficult time writing it. I didn't spend too much time living there before I moved to the United States."

Mexican illustrator resident in United States who draws for lucrative purposes, being well known within the Anglophone GTS community. He in his deviantART account describes himself as "another humble university artist".

In addition to being part of the GTS community, he also do "BE" (breast expansion) and "SW" (shrunken woman) drawings

Characteristics (psychological profile)

Image where Herretik explains his way of working in deviantART.
  • Profitful purposes: He draws for lucrative purposes, does not accept orders unless they are commissions.
  • Friendly: Accept that anyone send you notes on DeviantArt, answering the vast majority of these. In addition to this, he also responds to comments in his drawings often and is quite friendly with other users and follows several of these.

Artistic style

His artistic style, as his own account of deviantART indicates, focuses on digital art, using the animé style as a basis, and he also occasionally draws chibis.

  • Tools: In digital art, he uses Adobe Flash CS4, GIMP and, according to him, Paint in some occasions. He also uses a graphic tablet to draw.
  • Line-art: The outline of his drawings varies among them, although he usually uses thin edges of dark colors.
  • Anatomy: In general it is well done, with minor errors. Sometimes it also tends to draw disproportionately large breasts compared to the rest of the body.
  • Coloring: It has a style of coloring and shading quite simple and with few details in most of his drawings, although there are some cases where the coloring is appreciably more detailed, especially in his most recent drawings.
  • Scenarios: It is not usually very detailed, because generally their scenarios are simple or use a background formed only by flat colors.


Herretik has created a few OCs, which he has used in different comics and other media. It should be noted that not all of them are directed to the GTS community, since he is also related to other fetish communities.


"Considering that she's the one who started me here, she's my favorite too."

His main OC and his favorite. It was the first OC that created and uploaded on deviantART, so he is very fond of her to be the one who started it on the page. As a curious fact, she is also his deviantART avatar.


An OC created for the comic 5 Inch College Student. Although it was created as a character of small size (that is, an OC set to the SW community), she is often also drawn as giantess.


Character of the comic 5 Inch College Student. Despite not being a absolute giantess, due to the theme of the comic Dorothea is often drawn as a para-giantess, that is, interacting with small people even if she is in normal size.


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