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As you know, in every list of works there must always be an image that serves as a preview (and they are obligatory).

However, you may not know how to merge images into a single one. In this tutorial you will be explained how.

NOTE: It is mandatory that you first know how to get screenshots from VLC media player, since we will simply get a maximum of 6 captures.

First, download this images

Let's suppose that these images have been obtained by VLC:

All these images must be joined in a single, then some examples and then the respective tutorials (one in case you do not have Photoshop and the next one if you do).

And how do I match them according to the number of captures?

NOTE: It is also valid that you use a single capture, but it is not recommended.

Image (central click to expand) Number of captures Description
Captura 0 2.jpg
2 A simple union, one on top of the other.
Captura 0 3a.jpg
3 The 2 smaller-sized catches are on the side of each other (in the same horizontal position), while the third (the most prominent) is the one that has twice the dimensions of the previous two and can be up or down.
Captura 0 3b.jpg
3 A simple union, one on top of the other.
Captura 0 4.jpg
4 A simple union.
Captura 0 5.jpg
5 The most outstanding capture has twice the size of the other 4 and is surrounded by both above and below.
Captura 0 6.jpg
6 This is the maximum tolerated amount. It is a simple union.

Now see what these images would look like if they were on a list:

The images should always have a width of 236 pixels.

If you do not have Photoshop: Use online editors!

Here is a couple that will serve you:

Image (central click to expand) URL and instructions
Captura 0 1 www.quickpicturetools.jpg

This website allows you to work with a maximum of 4 images.

  1. Once the 4 images are uploaded, to the "Width" parameter you give the value of 1000 to all the cases.
  2. Then, go to the bottom right of the editor and press "Generate Image ..." to save the image.
Captura 0 1

This editor is a bit more complex to use, but more complete than the previous option. The buttons you will use are highlighted with blinking rectangles.

  1. Press "Open" and then select the images you want to join.
  2. In the left part there are several tabs, choose the one that is on the top, which is called "Collage".
  3. In the upper left there is a question in English that says "How many photos", under that question choose the number of images. In my case I chose 6.
  4. If you go a little lower, you will see that there are several methods of union, I chose the one that is shown in the image because it is the one that best fits my taste.
  5. In "Size Settings", I put as size 800x675, since it is the most appropriate for those captures whose aspect ratio is 16:9 in my opinion. And if it had aspect ratio 4:3, then it would be 800x900.
  6. In "Border background" you give the value of 0.
  7. Finally, go to "Save" to save your merged image.

If you have Photoshop, follow these steps:

# Image (central click to expand) Description
Captura 0 0 1.jpg
  1. Open an image in Photoshop.
  2. Go to Image->Canvas Size (or simply press Alt+Ctrl+C).
Captura 0 0 2.jpg
You change the parameters to the Percentage and give them the values shown. Do not forget that the "Relative" box must be selected.
Captura 0 0 3.gif
  1. With the image already extended, you can attach the other images (it is assumed that all have the same size because they were obtained from the same video file from VLC).
  2. If you want to increase the size of an image, press Ctrl+T and change the parameters of height and width by 200% (that is, to duplicate its dimensions).
Captura 0 0 4.jpg
If you are satisfied with the result, go to File->Save as... (or simply press Shift+Ctrl+S).
Captura 0 0 5.png
Give it a name according to the theme of your image and do not forget to select the image format (it can be JPEG or PNG).

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