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Pseudonym(s) Johnyfaz13
First name(s) Johny
Last name(s) -
Birthplace Current residence
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Us z.png
Sex Does (s)he like giantesses?
SEX M.png Heart popup.png
Yes, for sexual purposes.
Birthdate November 13th
Other fetishisms Podophilia
Is (s)he a professional artist? ❌ No
Role Illustrator
Known for His illustrations that almost always involve podophilia and familiar characters.
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Here, he confirms to be Mexican, but then went to live in the United States.

Mexican amateur illustrator residing in United States. It is notably a podophile.

Originally he was Mexican, but at age 5 he went to United States, so his learning of Spanish was interrupted and his education was continued as an anglophone. Therefore, he never responds to comments in Spanish.


  • Friendly: He usually responds to comments (as long as they are in English).
  • Faithful to the podophilia: Some drawings have a focus on the feet without the presence of size difference.

Artistic style

  • It is a hybrid between western caricature (mostly) and animé.
  • He almost always does it all on paper, drawing with a ballpoint pen and painting it with a marker.
    • Although recently he has been experimenting with digital coloring.
  • Because he uses pencil and marker to draw contours, he sometimes represents smaller beings as simple, distinctly human black lines (Stick-Men).

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