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Kannagi's epic story
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First illustrated work created between Butre and lostperras.
Original name Kannagi's epic story
Country Type of work
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Morumo icon.png Giganta icon.png
Release date 2016
Genre Supernatural, fantasy
Is this only about giantesses? Yes
Is it in English language? Yes

Kannagi's epic story is a 2016 Western doujinshi written by Butre and illustrated by lostperras. It is in English and can be purchased at Gumroad: http://butre3004.deviantart.com/art/Kannagi-s-epic-story-606853676


Officially: This month we launched an anime-style comic in collaboration with Lostperras, called "Kannagi's epic story" and tells the story of an evil girl, who discovers powers that allow her to go through a dimensional portal to a parallel world where people live little. She takes advantage of these people doing evil things to her.

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