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Masada can grow to an incredible size, gaining additional strength and durability. She hosts the souls of those who died in the battle that bears her name inside of her and they power her abilities.
Author(s) Rob Liefeld
Work of origin Image Comics
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Age -
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Masada is a Jewish superheroine from Image Comics, and is a member of Youngblood.

General information

An Israeli crime-fighter, she has the power to increase her size and become a giantess.

She claims the source of her powers is the souls of the Jewish warriors who died at Masada (hence her name) as well as all those who gave their lives in the name of Judaism.

A troubled young woman, Masada is sometimes emotionally overwhelmed by the voices of the spirits that echo within her.


  • It is ironic, if she is affiliated with Judaism, then she should not have captive the souls of Jewish warriors (who are part of the "people of Jehovah"), since Jehovah is the only one who controls the destiny of souls.
    • Despite this and according to the Pharisee way of thinking (who believed in this and influenced Catholic mortuary cults) this could be possible due to their emotional load at the time of death.
  • She, because she is Jewish, could conflict with Big Zero (white supremacist and neo-nazi).


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