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First age. There's no cover.
Original name
  • Noah (English)
  • Noé (Spanish)
Author(s) UnosDays
Country Type of work
Ar.png Morumo icon.png Giganta icon.png
Release date April 28th, 2014
Genre Apocalyptical
Is this only about giantesses? ✅ Yes
Is it in English language? ❌ No

It is a comic produced exclusively by UnosDays. It is in Spanish and has been published in his official account on deviantART.


It is an apocalypse of giantesses.


  • Here, the giantesses are called "geas". Coincidentally, Gea is the name of the Greek titaness of nature and creation (also giantess).
  • This is the first comic of UnosDays.

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