Ochiko Terada

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Ochiko Terada
Screenshot of his pixiv account.
Pseudonym(s) Ochiko Terada
First name(s) Ochiko
Last name(s) Terada
Birthplace Current residence
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Sex Does (s)he like giantesses?
SEX M.png Heart popup.png
Yes, for sexual purposes.
Birthdate -
Other fetishisms Podophilia, furry, scat. Mega-GTS, giga-GTS and bigger.
Is (s)he a professional artist? Yes
Role Illustrator
Known for His large number of drawings in Japanese sites of high quality that have liked much of the Western GTS community.
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Japanese professional illustrator.

One of the best known, has been drawing for several years.


Compared to other artists of the GTS community, he does not usually resort to using Western networks, instead it is usually more active in pixiv and gs-uploader, Japanese pages that typically use Orientals.

Psychologically some might consider it the rarest artists of the GTS community, since he has several rare fetishisms that are usually seen among some orientals as scat, among other explicit tastes, while he is loved by several giantess fetishists, it is disowned by others due to this detail, especially for carrying out drawings with quite taboo themes.

In spite of this, he has a large base of macrophile followers, and he is known that he seeks to profit from his illustrations, he has a patreon account where he collects money in exchange for macrophile drawings, which includes drawings of giantesses (with very strong pornographic content).

Artistic style

It is based mainly on the anime style, this artist is one of those who has perfected his style, whether to draw characters, structures, scenarios, among others, his anatomy is quite good, and puts many details in the scenarios he draws to resemble to real structures such as buildings, their quality of drawing is such that they have made comics or giantess comics, sometimes in collaboration with other Japanese artists.

He draws well the faces and expressions of his characters, and also applies remarkably well the perspectives in his drawings, especially if there is destruction, or interaction with large giantesses.

Her favorite taste is usually the very big giantesses, such as mega-giantesses or giga-giantesses, several of her drawings usually have girls the size of a city, or even planets.

What can be a defect of this artist, is his inconsistency to draw sometimes human anatomy as are the feet, even so, stands out before several other fetish artists of giantesses, so he is loved by this professional talent.



  • It is one of the most recurrent macrophiles to see in hentai pages such as boorus.
  • He is also one of the few to have a pseudonym based on his real name.
  • Some western cartoonists have taken inspiration from him to draw giga-giantesses, as is the case with THEDAIBIJIN.
  • In spite of being apparently heterosexual, in his patreon he accepts commissions of drawings with giant men, it is not known whether he enjoys this subject for sexual reasons, or for mere lucrative purposes.

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