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It is considered as a perfect giantess to every female whose body (totally) has increased in size (relative to the universe around her, i.e.: absolutely), so that all parts of her body have grown in exactly the same proportion.

They are also known as:

  • Proportionate giantess.
  • Ideal giantess.
  • Correct giantess.
  • Harmonious giantess
  • Balanced giantess.
  • Aesthetic giantess.

Its definition must be taken into account to avoid confusion. For example: the case of a woman of normal size is obese (something that does not seem pretty to Western standards of beauty), but as she grows, her body becomes thin (that is, beautiful for Western standards of beauty), then in this case she does NOT conform to the definition of perfect giantess because she did not preserve her original physical aspect (therefore, she is imperfect giantess). This example is mentioned because mistakenly the definitions of perfect giantess are confused with that of beautiful giantess.

In the vast majority of cases, the artworks of the GTS community show the giantesses retaining exactly the physical aspect they had when they were of normal size (or at least try to).

NOTE: All perfect giantesses are absolute giantesses (i.e.: "perfection implies absolutity").

Notable examples

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