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Perspective is the art of drawing to recreate the depth and relative position of common objects. In a drawing, the perspective simulates the depth and the effects of reduction with respect to the position of the observer.

It is also the visual illusion perceived by the observer that helps him/her determine the depth and location of objects at different distances. By analogy, it is also called perspective to the set of circumstances that surround the observer, and that influence in his/her perception or in his/her judgment.

Applications in the GTS community


We already know what the POV is the view of a person from below, which gives the feeling that it is huge.

Forced perspective

It uses the position of the objects to make them appear to have different sizes than normal. Usually, it is used to give the sensation of the existence of giant humans or miniatures. The inefficiencies of this artistic resource are that objects are always superimposed over others (thus removing the sense of interaction between objects) and that in order to produce an image one has to be in the proper place with the right objects.

Misapplied perspective

Even a poorly applied perspective can be used as an artistic resource. However, very few want to use it because it is not pleasing to the eye.

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