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Episode 599

  • Short summary: The parents of the children asked a G-5 marine to investigate the children again, thinking it's impossible for them to die at sea. Meanwhile, the kids are awake from withdrawal and the knockout gas is less effective on them. They demand candy to remove the pain they feel. Master Caesar finds the hideout and tells the children to come back to the lab by luring them with the candy.

Manga counterpart (Chapter 673)

Episode 600

  • Short summary: Caesar comments toward the two Straw Hats on how the kids are suffering. Nami states they are taking the children home and away from Punk Hazard. The children decide to go with Caesar. Usopp wants to use force on them, but Nami states they're victims. The biggest kids broke through the chains. While "suffocating" the two by changing the air they breathe, the children demand for candy. Caesar states they have to return to the lab to get the candy. He also tells the kids to exterminate the two pirates, but Brownbeard prevents it from happening. While attacking him, Caesar warns the children it's dangerous in the hideout and to get in the balloon. At the balloon, the children want candy and to know where "Master" is.

Manga counterpart (Chapter 674)

Episode 601

  • Short summary: The children enter the lab, and the children want candy. Caesar says they'll have it soon, but they'll have to go to the Biscuits Room first. Mocha however finds the place scary and hallucinates one of the workers as a scary snake. The effects of the drug worn off on her as she really wants to escape. The employees tell her it's cold out, plus they're on a high floor. She is scared of them from hallucination and realizes how kind Nami and her friends were to her, so she bangs at the door.

Manga counterpart (Chapter 675)

Episode 606

  • Short summary: Mocha is still scared from going back as she wants to leave. Chopper finds her and attacks the three employees behind her. She hallucinates Chopper (back in his original body) as a monster due to the symptoms, so he injects her with sedatives. She tells Chopper what happened while he was gone and takes him to a shortcut to the Biscuits room. After reaching the shortcut, the two notice the other children are close behind them, so he has Mocha hold the door closed as he seals it with a steel pipe. Mocha asks why they can't eat the candy.

Episode 607

  • Short summary: No child has participated in this episode.
(There is no gallery)

Episode 608

  • Short summary: After Chopper explained the situation, Mocha decides to not let anyone eat the candy and go back home with the others. She runs to the Biscuits Room to get rid of the candy. The other children meanwhile are breaking through the door. Chopper turns into his monster form to prevent the other children from reaching the room.

Manga counterpart (Chapter 682)

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