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Episode 619

  • Short summary: All of the children in Building R enter the tram. While Nami is worried about the children, they inform her they'll be fine and only want to go home. The door to Building R starts to close due to the gas. None of the people leave due to missing crew mates and Mocha not being around. Usopp informs Chopper's group to outrun the gas as he leaves. The others made it to Building R before Chopper's group leaves and they escape in the tram.

Manga counterpart (Chapter 693)

Episode 620

While in the tram cars, the lab explodes as the escapers notice it. The exit caves in as well, including Zoro destroy a large rubble from it. The poisonous gas is also coming from behind.

Manga counterpart (Chapter 694)

Episode 621

  • Short summary: Everyone is relying on Nami to clear the poisonous gas coming from the exit. The tram car starts to break down after Franky sends Buffalo and Baby 5 flying to the mountain. The children beg Nami to save her, as she helps out immeadiately after. Everyone is out. None of the females are impressed with Franky Shogun.

Manga counterpart (Chapter 695)

Episode 622

  • Short summary: Chopper checks on the children after Law took out the narcotics from them. They are worried about Mocha not waking up. They want to thank Nami for taking care of them and wanting to leave with her, but then complain after Tashigi informs they'll take care of them. Nami thinks it's best for them to be with them as well. Chopper checks on Mocha and mourns for her as she suddenly wakes up while everyone else has curry before they leave. Chopper and Mocha thank Law with curry.

Manga counterpart (Chapter 696)

Episode 623

  • Short summary: The children play around with G-5 Marines and Luffy while Mocha mentions to the others how fine she is. Nami and Chopper say their farewells as the children go on the Marine ship. The children complain that G-5 subordinates are covering the Straw Hats with a barrier to prevent them from being seen. The soldiers threatened the kids by not having anyone say something nice to the Straw Hats, or they'll be thrown out of the ship. This causes them to cover their mouths. The kids cried from the stereotypical belief of all pirates being bad and the Straw Hats doing so much to save them. When Tashigi tells them to stop, they witness the subordinates feeling bad for having to like the pirates. As soon as the boat starts to leave, the kids say they'll become future pirates.

Manga counterpart (Chapter 697)

Episode 736

  • Short summary: The children inform they're hungry. Tashigi says they have muffins and coffee, but a child stated they can't have coffee. Tashigi says they'll arrive to Vegapunk's lab in a few days.

Manga counterpart (Chapter 793)

Episode 878

  • Short summary: Mocha and other children can be seen on the newspaper.

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