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Considering that the prefix "semi-" means "half", then a semi-giantess comes to be a half-giantess. That is, it is about a woman who has grown in size (relative to the universe around her), but not all parts of her body have grown (i.e.: at least a part of her body retains its normal size or has been shrunken).

They are also known as partial giantess or incomplete giantess. Do not confuse with pseudo-giantess (mistakenly mistaken for synonyms).

It is worth emphasizing that unlike the imperfect giantesses (where absolutely all parts of her body have grown), in the semi-giantesses at least a part of her body has not grown. Because not all the body has increased in size in the same geometric proportion, the great majority of the members of the GTS community do not consider them as gigantas (unlike the para-giantesses, where almost all consider them as gigantas).

NOTE: Not all semi-giantesses are absolute giantesses (i.e.: "semi doesn't imply absolutity"). It could be the case, for example, that a part of the body has increased in size of a person, but the overall height (size) of that person has not changed.

There are several cases where semi-giantesses may occur, depending on which parts of the body have increased in size, see:


When a woman increases her muscle mass.

Body fat (obesity)

When a woman increases her fat, becoming fat.


When increase the size of the body, so that it seems "inflated", that is, it is acquiring more and more spherical appearance.


When a woman's breasts increase in size. This phenomenon was called breast expansion and abbreviated as BE.


When a woman's buttocks increase in size.

Boobs and butts at the same time

The 2 previous cases at a time. Frequent among giantess fetishists, among them, Kenj and Sanone.


When the legs acquire the largest increase in size. ChibiBiscuit is famous for having this taste.


It is often given as an artistic resource of manga/animé style (specifically: reprimand and rarely with chibis).

Apparent change of age

If the sizes of certain parts of the body are modified, there would be an apparent age change.

Increased stature respecting biology

Biology dictates that if a human body increases in size, the legs acquire more length and the head less.


Any other part of the body:


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