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Episode 541

  • Short summary: Shirahoshi as a 1-year-old is held by her father and Otohime gives her a kiss.

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Manga counterpart (Chapter 622)

Episode 542

  • Short summary: She did not participate in this episode.
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Episode 543

  • Short summary: Nothing notable as she was listening to Jinbe's story of Fisher Tiger.
Shirahoshi Giantess - EP543.png

Episode 544

  • Short summary: Shirahoshi as a 4-year-old, along with her brothers, notice something is bothering their mother. Otohime reassures everything is fine. She even taught children like her daughter about the world from above. After losing the signatures, the younger siblings try to surprise her, but Shirahoshi notices her mother crying in depression. Her children watch her rest after she was drunk.

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Manga counterpart (Chapter 624)

Episode 545

  • Short summary: Worried about their mother, Otohime’s children come rushing and coincidentally meet Jinbe. Shirahoshi (at the age of 6) asks Fukaboshi about Celestial Dragons, which he said are bad humans. They find her mother right near one named Mjosgard who later holds her hostage. Shirahoshi cries which in turn calls out Sea Kings with one of them eating his ship. Vander Decken recalls the legend of a mermaid with mysterious powers, which his family has past on for generations, and plans on making her his wife. After the World Noble was fully healed, Otohime decides to leave with him, even though he was completely rude for the help they provided. Despite others not wanting her to go, the citizens wish their queen the best of luck.

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Manga counterpart (Chapter 625)

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