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Episode 551

  • Short summary: Vander Decken fantasizes about Shirahoshi. Meanwhile, Jinbe leaves the Sea Forest with the princess and her shark as they head to Gyoncorde Plaza. Shirahoshi hopes for her father’s safety.

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Manga counterpart (Chapter 631)

Episode 552

  • Short summary: Megalo and Shirahoshi get tricked into thinking a balloon was her father, causing them (along with Jinbe) to be trapped in a net and tied up onto thick chains, and brought over to Hody. They get surrounded by 100000 members of New Fishman Pirates (30000 human slaves and 70000 fishmen and mermen), who he thinks will take over Fishman Island (despite hearing from Shyarly that it will be destroyed by a human). Hody reveals to everyone that he killed the Queen (which he blamed on a human to rekindle the “hatred” toward them). Surprisingly, Shirahoshi revealed she already knew he did it.

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Manga counterpart (Chapter 632)

Episode 553

  • Short summary: Shirahoshi revealed that Megalo told her of the incident and she wouldn’t reveal it to the public because it would upset her mother. Hody thanked Megalo for choosing her so that his plans wouldn’t be ruined and calls the princess an idiot as he blames her for the fall of the kingdom. She witnesses Hody attacking her father and brothers. Hody was about to execute Neptune until she shouts for Luffy, in which Luffy’s group arrives from inside Megalo. Robin frees the Royal family. The rest of the Straw Hats come and tells the citizens to decide if they are friend or foe.

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Manga counterpart (Chapter 633)

Episode 554

  • Short summary: Jinbe mentions things did not go exactly as planned since Shirahoshi was meant to escape the plaza with her family. Brook also asked the princess if he could see her panties, causing Nami to punch him back. Nami also gives Shirahoshi the form from the Celestial Dragons ten years ago. Luffy calls her “Weak-hoshi” ("Weepy-hoshi" in FUNimation Dub) as a raised stat from a wimp since she held the hatred in herself for the death of her mother. Jinbe is also proud of Shirahoshi since they don’t want hatred to get the better of everyone. Hody is mad at Vander Decken for not killing the princess immeadiately, and despite him gloating about his crew count, Luffy takes down half with his Conqueror’s Haki.

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Manga counterpart (Chapter 634)

Episode 555

  • Short summary: The Straw Hats fight the other 50000 of The New Fishman Pirates (with Sanji commenting on doing it for Shirahoshi’s sake stating a man who cannot wipe a woman’s tears isn’t a real man) as she thinks they are amazing. Hody tries to kill the princess with his Water Shot, but Jinbe stops the attack. The merfolk of the Fishmen Pirates try to kill Shirahoshi from swimming above the ground, but Sanji uses his Sky Walk technique to fly up to them and kicks them down with Diable Jambe Poela a Frire Spectre. Luffy tells Hody the Straw Hats will take him down with his entire crew.

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Manga counterpart (Chapter 635)

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