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Episode 878

  • Short summary: Neptune and his sons were about to leave Ryugu Kingdom to attend the Reverie. Shirahoshi makes a last ditch effort to join them, in which Neptune accepts her request.

Episode 879

  • Short summary: She does not participate in the episode fully, but appears briefly in the introduction of Levely.

Episode 882

  • Short summary: The Neptune Family arrive at the Red Port leading to Mary Geoise. Everyone there is also surprised to see the Mermaid Princess show her debut.

Episode 883

  • Short summary: Shirahoshi gets extremely popular with the masses due to surpassing the expectations that she’s as beautiful as Boa Hancock. She approaches a tree, thinking it’s an entire forest. They are stopped by Sterry, current king of the Goa Kingdom, Luffy’s hometown. However, Garp, Luffy’s grandfather, talks back down on him. He also feared of getting close to the merfolk. She thanks Garp for the travels and is amazed at the sun when the Bondola goes higher to which she wants to live on land. Sterry also gets scared of a giant appearing through the wall and the crows approaching the Bondola.

Episode 884

  • Short summary: The Bondola is so high up that the merfolk need reinforced bubbles. They arrive at the city of Mary Geoise. They start to use the Travelator, but Fukaboshi decides for the family to go through the forest., where Charlos, another Celestial Dragon, spots her. At the Mingling Plaza of the Castle, Shirahoshi is confronted by royals and their princes who want to marry her. However, she blurts out no one is her type, which humiliated them. Ryuboshi had to remind her to not blurt out these stuff immediately to avoid diplomatic issues. Shirahoshi approaches Rebecca and Vivi for knowing Luffy. Ryuboshi had to remind her they’ll get in trouble for saying Luffy is her friend, as he is a notorious pirate. Shirahoshi comments how she owes a debt to Luffy, to which the girls replied they are his friends as well.

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