Specialized websites

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Apart from this wiki, there are other websites where they also talk especially about giants, be they blogs, forums or galleries.

The list must meet the following conditions:

  1. The name of the work should be the name that is most known in the West (and if it is not known, then be its original name latinized, that is, in rōmaji).
  2. Once a name is chosen, it is placed alphabetically in the list.
  3. There should be a brief summary for each web.
  4. Are prohibited mainly pornographic websites.


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Galleries and Databases

  • G-Zone: One of the oldest websites (1999). There is information about gigantas. Unfortunately it has been abandoned since 2007.
  • Human Body Size: Official website of scientist and researcher Thomas Samaras. It studies the size of the human body from a strictly scientific point of view, in the physiological, economic, physical and social aspects.
  • The Giant website: Web page dealing with giants (men and women) from a non-fetishist point of view, that is, they see the giants from a medical point of view (for diseases such as gigantism) or by popular culture (apparitions of giants in movies , for example) or for artistic reasons.
  • The Incredible Shrinking Man: Web page about shrinks or miniatures (men and women) from a scientific point of view. It has very good information, of the best.