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Sparkly! The Three Sisters Ultimate
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Episode cover.
Episode name Sparkly! The Three Sisters Ultimate
Series Ultimate Girls
Country Series type
Jp z.png Silk icon.png
Featured giantess(es)
Is it in English language? Yes, with unofficial subtitles
File:UG 02 (54).png
Graphic summary of the episode.

Ultimate Girls' second episode.

Summary (with spoilers)

File:UG 02 (3).png
As the monster is not near the heroines, they must travel by train. Will it be a reference to Toei Animation?
File:UG 02 (4).png
Her dream will come true.

A new monster threatens the city, this time it's a "train man".

UFO-Man asks Koharuno Silk to become giantess, but she refuses because of the shame she suffered after her first fight (she was left naked).

However, Moroboshi Tsubomi reminds UFO-Man that he has given powers at three (although he indirectly shows preferences towards Koharuno Silk).

Moroboshi Tsubomi has geek mentality (otaku, to be specific), so she admits that she always wanted to be a giantess heroine. So, UFO-Man uses her to create the second Ultimte Girl.

In fact, even during her transformation you can appreciate the ecstasy:

File:UG 02 (23).png
How heroin is made known.
File:UG 02 (25).png
An official name they already have, why does not the old man agree?

Already transformed, she decides to face her opponent, but the first thing is to take the painting on the floor and write "Here is Ultimate Girl!".

At least that way the reporters will have an official name and not a name invented with implicit sexual jokes (as the old pervert wishes).

After presuming its name, she only decides to attack the monster, but fails:

It was a bad idea to attack something that, hypothetically, is made of metal, so UFO-Man warns the heroine that she is relatively weak:

File:UG 02 (39).png
She does not understand that stripping is synonymous with having little energy as a heroine.
File:UG 02 (51).png
In fact, she does not care to be naked because she is accustomed to cosplay (geek-otakus activity of dressing up as an anime character or video game).

After this fall, the heroine slowly begins to undress, despite it, she does not care because these nonsense should not care for the heroes (geek way of thinking).

So she decides to do the same thing before: ramming the monster.

Again her attack fails and opts for a new plan, which throw a supposed beam called "Ultimate Beam", as did Koharuno Silk last time. But nothing happens.

So monster takes the opportunity to pounce, and finally defeat her. When she shrinks to her original size, we can appreciate the difference in sizes of the Ultimate Girl with her human form:

File:UG 02 (82).png
Ohtori Vivienne transformed and serious.

As Moroboshi Tsubomi lost, UFO-Man asks Koharuno Silk to transform (showing his favoritism again), but she refuses.

So Ohtori Vivienne decides to take the initiative to face the monster.

But she remembers that her mother told her that "a true Japanese woman should not show her skin in public" (this is strange, they are white nordid, but can be justified if they are assumed to be immigrants, probably from some Anglo-Saxon country) .

Ohtori Vivienne is a serious person, so she does not want to dishonor her "Japanese" honor, so when she becomes serious she keeps her seriousness and plans to defeat the monster as fast as possible, before starting to undress:

And there ends the episode, for the next will see the battle between these last 2.

Monster of turn

  • His name is "Shupo".
  • It is anthropomorphic.
  • His "boots" and gloves are black, just like the top to the legs. The rest is white.
  • It has "kawaii" eyes (which makes it look less dangerous).
  • Between his legs comes a small black train with red tip (the reader is smart enough to realize what it represents).


  • The monster of turn of this episode has similarities with the design of Charge Man of the video game Mega Man.
  • Although Moroboshi Tsubomi always wanted to be a giantess heroine, that does not necessarily make her a microphile or a giantess fetishist.
    • In fact, in order to be considered as such, she must have sexual motives, but she never showed those feelings, so she can not be considered a fetishist.

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