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From Akiba with love
File:UG 05 (1).png
Episode cover.
Episode name From Akiba with love
Series Ultimate Girls
Country Series type
Jp z.png Silk icon.png
Featured giantess(es) Ohtori Vivienne
Is it in English language? Yes, with unofficial subtitles
Graphic summary of the episode.

Ultimate Girls' fifth episode.

Summary (with spoilers)

The heroine has arrived.
Does having glasses make it more "moe"? On the other hand, that white liquid looks dangerous.
What was expected of a magazine editor for geeks?
Indeed, that liquid was a kind of acid that destroys clothing (its energy source).

It is summer and the protagonists must get a part-time job. Moroboshi Tsubomi had gotten them a job at a cosplay cafe, where they should dress up as anime characters and deal with geeky-otakus.

In an unexpected moment, Ohtori Vivienne stumbles onto a paper and is hugged with Makoto, Koharuno Silk sees them and thinks that they keep a friendly relationship (or more than that).

Suddenly appears a giant monster which is...

...a magazine publisher for geeks.

While Ohtori Vivienne chases Koharuno Silk, UFO-Man intervenes and forces her to become Ultimate Girl (that is, against her will and unexpectedly).

The monster attacks by throwing some stickers, which are business cards of his moe "ideology": girls with big tits and glasses are the most attractive.

And as expected the monster attacks again, this time giving her a glasses, and as the heroine has the big chest, then the very moe. In addition also he throws to her a white liquid (acid).

This embarrasses the heroine, so she distracts and her opponent attacks her, throws her in the air and makes several Mexican wrestling keys.

Ohtori Vivienne looks at Koharuno Silk and sees the latter gives her encouragement. So she gets rid of the keys and performs a counterattack.

After several blows, the monster is transformed in the style of Knights of the Zodiac (Saint Seiya), obtaining an armor type Gundam.

The heroine decides to attack him with a final key, which is to hit his head against the ground and the weight of his own body.

These attacks makes him lose his mask and his identity is revealed, even if his face is not seen directly:

After defeating him, the heroine praises her opponent, considering it a good challenge.

She disappears and while everyone is looking for her, Makoto confesses to Koharuno Silk that the Ultimate Girl Busty is his favorite, so she is psychologically injured.

Monster of turn

  • Name: "Megami Mask".
  • He is practically a human.
  • Wear a Mexican wrestling mask.
  • Hawaiian blue shirt.
  • Bring your work desk to battle.
  • When he retires from his desk, he remains with free chest and Mexican wrestling pants.
  • When its final transformation goes, it becomes a mecha type-Gundam.

Parody references

Parody Picture of what parodied Description
Ultimate Girls - EP05 (Giantess) (11).gif
Akihabara's rails.
Ultimate Girls - EP05 (Giantess) (17).png
Unconfirmed, but it may be a reference to Gundam.
Ultimate Girls - EP05 (Giantess) (20).png
Ultimate Girls - EP05 (Giantess) (21).png
Edward Elric and his brother Alphonse.
Ultimate Girls - EP05 (Giantess) (22).png
Yui Kasuga and her partner I.R.
Ultimate Girls - EP05 (Giantess) (23).png
Unconfirmed, but possibly has to do with the Macross saga.
Ultimate Girls - EP05 (Giantess) (24).png
Galaxy Express 999.
Ultimate Girls - EP05 (Giantess) (26).png
Ultimate Girls - EP05 (Giantess) (33).png
UG 05 z MZ.jpg
Mazinger Z
Ultimate Girls - EP05 (Giantess) (38).png
Megami Magazine: A magazine for geeks (otakus and gamers).
Ultimate Girls - EP05 (Giantess) (39).png
Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask.
Ultimate Girls - EP05 (Giantess) (65).gif
Tao Pai Pai.
Ultimate Girls - EP05 (Giantess) (75).png
Victorique de Blois.

NOTE: It is not confirmed, it may be another character that is seen as a maid (Gothic lolita).


About Akihabara

It is the largest commercial center in Tokyo, where the latest technology, video games, and anime are sold. For the geeks is a good place, since you get everything you want if you want to be updated (it is unlikely to sell you old stuff).

This episode is basically a praise to the otakus, since the fight is in that "holy place" against someone who works in a geek magazine.


  • The monster of turn of this episode is directly a human. So the fight falls into the definition of couple.
  • This is the second monster that is defeated without destroying its weak point.
  • So far, this was the most powerful monster, since the other heroines might not be able to with him without resorting to M.O.E. (Moroboshi Tsubomi is weak and devoid of shame, while Koharuno Silk is cowardly).

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