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Size difference between the lowest ultra-giantess (40 meters) and the highest (120 meters). It is used Wikyodai-chan, an adult brachiosaurus (whose average height is around 9 meters), the Kukulkán's Temple (24 meters high and 55.3 meters measures the edge of its base), the Great Sphinx of Giza (21 meters high and 57 meters long) and the San Francisco' Jasper skyscraper (130 meters high, and as it has 39 floors, then each floor is 3.25 meters high on average).

It is considered an ultra-giantess to the woman whose size oscillates between the 40 meters to the 120 meters.

The prefix "ultra" is due to the name of giant Japanese superhero Ultraman, whose size ranges from 40 to 50 meters. It is also the most popular size of the tokusatsus, whose kaijus and mechas barely exceed 100 meters.

From this range of sizes, interaction with normal-sized humans becomes very difficult.


Because there are many (and very strong) disagreements within the GTS community about when a giantess should carry the prefix "ultra" (some conisderan well when they are larger than planets, others place them at an intermediate point of the mega-GTS and giga-GTS, and others relate them to the size of Ultraman).

In this wiki will opt for the definition given at the beginning of the article, since the prefix "ultra", to most people, reminds them more to Ultraman. On the other hand, it would be unnecessary to define ultra-GTS with other sizes when there are already other terms that already cover such sizes.



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