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He love loli. And monster. And aliens. What the f...?!
Pseudonym(s) Zapor
First name(s) -
Last name(s) -
Birthplace Current residence
Ru z.png
Ru z.png
Sex Does (s)he like giantesses?
SEX M.png Heart popup.png
Yes, for sexual purposes.
Birthdate 23 March
Other fetishisms Loli. monstergirls. feet. vore. Furry
Is (s)he a professional artist? No
Role Illustrator and Animator
Known for His loli arts and MMD animations
pixiv -
Facebook -
Official website -

Russian amateur illustrator and animator. He like lolis and weird stuff like aliens or bodyhorror. He tryed a lot of different stuff - game making, drawing, animation, story-writing, but his best works is animation and drawing.

The theme of his drawings is mainly the giantess fetishism. Mostly of his themes is vore and feet stuff, like inshoe or stomp. Also, he do a lot monstergirls stuff.

He not have close friends, and really hate Karbo. But, he pretty often talk with TinySonicHedgehog, Marty Z and Emi (also known as Zera Voraphilm)

Characteristics and Trivia

- He a little toxic. If he don`t like something, he will say it, no matter if it can hurt someone.
- He had a obsessive-compulsive disorder.
- He often try be friends with some artists that he like, but it does not look successful.
- He been banned from LOT Discord GTS-related servers for shameless posting a loli stuff.
- Anyway, he like to talk with peoples, and can be pretty nice.

== Artistic style ==

His style not very stable, but it clearly show mix of classical american comic like Spawn and anime\manga. He usually use a black shadows, but mix it with classical anime cellshading. Also, his colors a pretty intensive and high-contrast, with lots of bloom and, sometimes, strongly depth of Field.

His animations also mix a two different styles - anime-like models with realistic, high-details shading and textures. Hes movements a pretty complited. Maybe it not totally realistic, but it contain a LOT movements that pretty smooth. His animations also have a lot of bloom, DoF and Glares, and try look like holliwood films.

== His accounts ==
Zapor tryed post on as many platforms as possible. He have a DeviantArt, Pixiv, Eka`s Portal, YouTube, HentaiFoundry and InkBunny. he also have a PornHub and Furrafinity

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